Tuesday, 16 September 2008


I have nothing to show you today, so I thought I'd let you see some of the houses that I love from the PEI real estate listings. Click on the picture if you're like me and want to see all the pictures and other details. I had a dream last night that really annoyed me. I'm sure it lasted all night long, because I woke up several times and looked at the clock, then went right back to the same dream. In my dream I was engaged to be married to someone other than KD. KD didn't exist in my dream, so it wasn't cheating or anything. JK didn't exist either. Anyway, this guy was preparing to move to Africa to build a house and live there. Not as a missionary or anything, but just living there. Of course, in my dream I was in love with this guy, and since I don't like to rock the boat, I never told him that I didn't want to live in Africa. So we went on preparing to get married, and he kept preparing to move to Africa. And through it all I was seething, thinking "How can he be so selfish insisting we move to Africa. Doesn't he care what I think?" Of course if I had just told him how I felt, maybe he would adjust his plans, or we would break up, or something. Generally I think dreams are just the brain's way of clearing up the clutter accumulated by thinking all day--except in certain God-ordained circumstances of course. But I thought this dream was an apt illustration of the lack of control I feel that I have over the direction of my life...or at least the location of my life. I feel powerless to change anything, but if I would just show a little backbone and speak up once in a while, I think I could do a lot more.
Yesterday I weeded my garden for the first time since spring. Isn't that awful? My poor garden has been sorely neglected these past two years. I planted some perrenials that I bought on sale a few weeks ago and had surprisingly survived my neglect as they sat in their pots on my front steps. And I trimmed my hedge, which was way past due. I always feel bad when I'm lazy about trimming the hedge,which is between our front sidewalk and the neighbour's, because when we moved in I offered to keep up with the trimming. Last year, they borrowed their other neighbour's hedge trimmers and butchered the hedge because I took too long to get around to it. Other things I accomplished yesterday: sorted through my clothes and the kitchen cupboards for stuff to give to Goodwill, washed 3 loads of laundry, doubled my available counterspace by moving the microwave. I was trying to make up for my utter laziness of the past few days, and I think I succeeded. Now, what do I do today? Grocery shopping, I think, then a visit with mrs.heidi and baby D.


  1. Hi Jo. I think we all have that out of control feeling sometimes. It can be so frustrating. There are times when I get completely overwhelmed by it and just don't even know what to do or where to begin to get that feeling of control back. It sounds like you got a lot done, and I think that feeling of being productive really helps bring a feeling of being under control. Hope you have a good day today! And those houses are all beautiful! I think the second one is my favorite!

  2. Dreams can be so funny and random. But I get where you are coming from with your dream!

    All those farmhouses are beautiful!!

  3. WEIRD! I had a disturbing dream last night about an old boyfriend (the one that introduced me to my husband!) and I woke up today irritated. lol I love the houses you posted... I love farm houses! #4 has it's own lighthouse! lol

    Thanks for the kind words about my son's room. It's definitely a work in progress. He's usually so messy I never bothered. But I WILL finish what I start this time. I see you know how it feels to be unmotivated. :o) It happens to all of us, believe me.

  4. I try not to dwell on any dreams...they can be crazy! I love the pictures of those farmhouses...they are wonderful! I would live in every one of them!
    -Sandy Toes

  5. Hi sweet Jo!!

    I'm finally back from my own personal nightmare LOL I've missed you :)

    I understand feeling frustrated, but everything will work out and you'll finally find your dream house. Just have faith ;)

    These homes are beautiful. Have you showed them to your hubby? Maybe it'll change his mind ??

    Big hugs,

  6. its so weird clicking on houses (like the last one for example) and seeing the first number of the price be a 1 - instead of a 3 or 4 which is more typical in this neck of the woods!!! bleeeh for high housing costs!!


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