Thursday, 4 September 2008

Half-Bathroom Before Pictures

Maybe I should call this room a "powder room" because "half-bathroom" just sounds silly. Like the room was an unfinished afterthought. But then, if I say "powder room", I'll feel like I'm being pretentious. So, in preparation for completing the bathroom today, here are the before pictures. Actually, they were taken during, because I forgot to grab the camera before KD started ripping out the toilet. Note the faux-finished walls (very poorly done), and the stenciled ivy. That ivy was all over this room, the entrance hall, and the living room. There is also some brown stuff stenciled on one of the bedroom closets. Why would they want dead ivy on the closet doors? Anyway. The previous owner had a southwest thing going on, with all the wooden accessories (including a wooden toilet seat...eww! We replaced that a long time ago). Here's some interesting blue tile that clashes magnificently with the green marble-look counter top. and an ordinary sink that was rusted. Here's a great shot of my man hard at work. Isn't that some nice linoleum? That was all through the kitchen and hallway too. I think in 1978 they didn't understand the words "neutral" and "subtle" when they decorated this place. Imagine that flooring with the wallpaper I showed you. So, I need to touch up some paint today, and do a few other things, then tomorrow, I will be posting pictures, whether things are finished or not! I am so tired of renovating.
My class went well, except that I wasn't on the class list. Apparently they're having computer glitches at the college. My instructor reminds me of Meg Ryan.
I love all the suggestions I've been getting for my new banner. I'll pick one tomorrow and maybe make the banner this weekend. We have our final wedding to go to on Saturday, so we'll see how much I get done.


  1. wow! cant wait to see it when its done! :) Isnt progress fun? hehe

  2. I am in the middle of a remodel myself so I can feel you pain. I have been living pretty much in the garage. Hubby put the fridge, dining room table, couch (you get the picture) out there and really it is quite homey but I have been cooking in there and washing the dishes out of tubs in my bath tub since JAN!! so I am ready to be done. I am sure yours will be worth it at the end.

  3. I don't think the word "subtle" even existed in 1978! And I'm ashamed to admit that my master bath (which desparately needs a makeover) STILL has an awful wood toilet seat (and wood towel bars, tp holder, etc.). Ugh! Can't wait to see your "afters"!

  4. I love when a room is being is so exciting!
    I can't wait to see the final product!

    It is not till recently where the words "neutral" or "subtle" comes into was a free for all in the 70's!

    -Sandy Toes

  5. You guys are moving right along, aren't you? I laughed about the "powder room" comment. I have a 1/2 bath too and never knew what to call it. I flip flopped between the two. I think we had the same awful lineoleum in the kitchen of our rental house in Hampton, VA. Blech. lol

  6. Hi Jo :)

    Your bathroom remodel will be over soon and it'll all be worth it.

    I'm glad you enjoyed school. I get hives thinking about it... yikes!

    You are the only one that noticed "over the limit" besides me LOL


  7. Yikes, that is some linoleum you have going on there! :) There was green ivy stenciled in our master bathroom when we moved in...we got rid of it too.

    We have a powder room/laundry room. Try figuring out what to call that! LOL!

    ~ Sarah

  8. I wonder if that painted ivy would have been considered haaaaa. I guess it would since it is FAKE....ok, I'm cracking myself up here. You re-do is amazing....I love the backsplash to the sink....I should do that in my teen's bathroom where there are TWO sinks....cook idea.


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