Friday, 19 September 2008

KD wants to buy a house

Yes, we're back into selling mode now. Sigh. KD wants to sell our townhouse so that we can buy a new- or almost new-construction house. There is a neighbourhood here that has a 32 acre man-made lake, and unlike all the ponds that are being put in new neighbourhoods that are just supposed to be looked at, residents can actually swim, boat, and fish in this lake. So, that's where KD wants to live. For some reason, I find myself not squirming at the thought of living in a new subdivision. But I don't want to sell this place yet! KD asked me why. I said, it's because I'm still attached to it. If we were going to move into a house or area that I absolutely loved, I think I would have an easier time letting this one go. But the truth is, I don't like new subdivisions. Most of the time, all the homes look the same with no character, they're all in boring colours, and they're all way too close together. (There was a massive fire here last summer in a new subdivision, and the fire chief said that the reason there was so much damage was because homes are too close together, and vinyl siding is too flammable to be used on houses). I have realised that one of the things holding me back is the fact that I don't like change. When something is forced upon me, I usually hate it for the first little bit, then I grow to love it and see that it is really better than whatever I wanted to hold on to. So, once I finish these never-ending renovations, we will be calling a realtor. This is what I have to do:
  • fill holes in baseboards
  • paint 2 coats on front door
  • paint 1 coat on back door
  • patch drywall in basement stairwell
  • paint basement stairwell
  • paint trim around basement door
See, it's not a lot, but all this work has just been hanging over my head for too long. I emailed one of the houses that I like in PEI to KD as a joke a few days ago, but to my amazement, he actually was interested in moving there! He really liked the 4th house, because it has a view of the ocean, and a lighthouse in the garden. He likes lighthouses. His ideal place to live is a place with rolling hills, lighthouses, and water (ocean or large clean lake, neither of which exist in Alberta). KD did a lot of reading about PEI over the past week, as well as the other maritime provinces, and would like to live there. But ultimately we concluded that he wouldn't be able to get a good job there. He's an accountant and works for one of the top 100 best companies to work for in Canada. But maybe some day we'll retire there. Or at least go there on vacation occasionally.


  1. Yeah. I can relate to living in a brand new subdivision. Since that's where we bought a house. lol our advantage we bought a house with a bigger lot than most. I feel a tiny bit buffered from the raging neighborhood flames. ha ha ha My complaint about new construction? They knock all the trees down to build the houses. It looks so weird. Our house is one of the only house to have an original BIG tree in the yard. You can see it on the photo of the lot before they built our house. Anyhooo... good luck with whatever you two decide. Sorry for the book. lol

  2. i had a dream you moved to kelowna and i was so please don't move to PEI, i would miss you and j too much!!!

  3. I actually get excited about the idea of moving into a new house, but the thought of getting the current house ready to sell doesn't thrill me at all. It's such a hassle!

    I don't live in a new subdivision and the houses are still too close. We live on a large lot, but it's long and narrow so the house on one side is still really close. I agree with Marie, the worst is when they cut down all the trees to build.

    I'd love to go to PEI on vacation someday!

  4. I love to move too. I'm a gypsi.

    I hate selling a house but apparently it's part of the process. ;)


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