Friday, 19 September 2008

More about Banners

Since I'm sure y'all aren't sick of me talking about banners, I thought I'd show you the ones I made for Meghan and ebbyanne. I usually don't show things I've made for gifts until the recipient has received it, unless I'm sure she doesn't read my blog. But ebbyanne lives in New Zealand, so it will probably take forever to get to her. When we sent our wedding invitation to my family in Australia, they didn't get it until two months after the wedding, because I forgot to send it airmail. I'm very pleased with how these turned out. I like the extra texture and layers of paper. And of course I love my using my scented coffee-dyed paper for anything. I think I may redo my own banner in this design. I think the design of these banners work for halloween, like Meghan's "BOO", or for everyday, like ebbyanne's "NOTES". Since it's currently spring where she is living, I didn't want to make it too harvest-y. Now I need to go find appropriate envelopes to send these off!


  1. VERY cute. I keep putting off making a banner of my own. I'm not sure what my hold up is. lol

  2. Very, Very cute and creative! Also, when I scrolled down just a bit, I had to smile ear to ear when I saw your little cupcake smiling so eagerly for the camera! Thanks for sharing that one. : )

  3. These banners are SOOO CUTE!! I love all the textures on yours!

  4. Good morning Jo :)

    Those turned out really cute!

    Oh and I'm just happy the whole fence thing is over. What a pain!


  5. Those banners turned out so cute! I love the natural texture they have! I really need to make some new banners too.

  6. I totally love my banner & I read your blog.
    I haven't been to good with keeping up with any of blogs this week but I've been having some "personal" problems.

    Anyway I got my banner today & I am off to blog about it.

    Totally love it!
    It's perfect!


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