Friday, 12 September 2008

New Banner

I finally made a decision about my new non-summery banner. I ended up not using any of the exact suggestions made, but I combined two of them. So Meghan and ebbyanne are the winners! I apologise for the weird colour in the pictures. And I'm actually not sure if I'm happy with the choice of paper. So I may redo it with the same coffee-stained paper that I used for the Summertime banner. Or I may not. Anyway, as thanks for their inspiration, I will send Meghan and ebbyanne each a banner with words of their choosing. Thank you to everyone else who gave suggestions, there were many that I liked. That is one of the reasons it too me so long to decide.


  1. I love to do banners too. Lots of paper crafts and decorating...can't believe I have never been by here. You have some cool inspiration going on. cherry

  2. That banner is really neat. It's so clever.

  3. Very pretty! I like the buttons you used between each letter!


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