Friday, 5 September 2008

Powder Room/Half-Bathroom/Water Closet/Toilet/WC/lavatory...etc

Ok, now go look at the before pictures. Then come back and look at these ones again. Sigh. It's finally done! What a difference. I love it. Everything is exactly how I pictured it. There is one blog that gave me the inspiration for the look and feel I was going for: A Beach Cottage. Go look at her sweet beachy-neutral pictures.


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  2. Great job--looks like a lot of work, but it paid off. I like your decorations too, that little chair is so cute!

    ~ Sarah

  3. It is gorgeous! Nice job!!

  4. Very pretty!! I love the natural easy feeling of it! You did a great job!

  5. oooh nice work, I'm glad you got some inspiration from my blog

    I just so love looking at before and afters, it's like and occupational habit for me, lol

    the drape is gorgeous, did you make it? and would you mind letting me know what the curtain rail is? love that, so rustic and natural. Beutiful little vignette going on on the shelf and I love the chunky wood of the shelf itself

    isn't it amazing what other people do with decor, even when it was trendy I can never imagine stencilling ivy around the door, even more dead ivy, but then again I think I will look back and say, OMG, I had everything white and neutral :-)

    thanks for letting me know about your makeover

    happy blogging!


  6. p.s. love your antiquing a few posts ago, I'm having a go today on my bathroom cabinet, that was grey 80s laminate and revolting!

  7. Not only is your bathroom adorable, the photos were great! I liked how you took the pictures. Is that weird? lol I love, love, love how your bathroom turned out. The curtain rod? TOO cute!

  8. Wow - your home looks so warm and cozy and delightful! I love it! I know what would go great with that Fall decor! Go check it out and enter my giveaway!

  9. I was gone this weekend so I didn't get to see this! I love it! So serene! I love all the natural elements. You did a great job!

  10. What, no ivy painted on the walls? LOL! It's gorgeous! I love the soft color scheme! Those tiles behind the sink are so pretty! You did a great job. And I love how you made your pictures all soft and fuzzy. I wish I knew how to do that!

  11. THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!! It looks like something from a magazine! Job well done my domestic diva friend! WOW! Now, how about you come help me with my bathrooms??? LOL!!! This really looks incredible!
    Heather :)

  12. Good morning sweet Jo :)

    I got my giveaway!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! It's perfect and I can't believe all the trouble you went to. I'll post about it very soon. Thank you so much!!!!

    Your bathroom turned out incredible! I love how calm and serene it is :)

    I'll be you just keep looking at it ;)


  13. THe bathroom looks great dear sister! I bow before the queen of neutral! I would much rather rent form you. hehe


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