Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Y'all are So Sweet!

Thanks everyone for the nice comments about my half-powder-bath-room redo. I'm really proud of how it turned out. I think I rose to the white wall challenge quite satisfactorily. My sister has a fear and loathing of white walls with beige/tan accents (she currently lives in a rental with that non-colour-scheme), and I haven't yet heard what she thinks. I made the curtain out of two different linen-ish fabric. Both were bolt-ends and cheap. I don't pay $10-20 per metre for fabric if I can at all help it. I couldn't find a piece long enough, so I just used what I could find. The total cost was about $6.00. The rod is a stick from my yard. It had been tied to my fence to support peas and beans all summer, but the peas and beans didn't grow very well, so I found a better use for it. It's held up by loops of fabric and upholstery tacks. Pictures...well, I've been experimenting with odd angles lately, and I had a lot of fun taking pictures of my finished product. Our real estate agent told me that it's impossible to get good pictures of a bathroom that truly reflect the room. I like to think I proved him wrong. As for the blurry edges: After I loaded the pictures onto my computer, I opened them in Picassa, and added a soft-focus filter to them. It makes me look artistic. That little wicker chair on the shelf is one of those serindipitous finds. It came from Value Village, and even though it was more than I would usually pay for something there, it was so perfect and didn't need any painting or other alteration. I think it was $3.99 well spent.
I wasn't happy with my fall-themed wreath. It was just too simple. So I decided I wanted to try something. I started with some raffia and a stick. And a container of water. I put the raffia in the water for about 5 minutes (this would be a good time to dye the raffia had I wanted to change its colour). Then I wrapped the raffia around the stick. And I went about my day. Later when the raffia had dried, this was the result: And this is what I did with it: Much better! I think maybe I could have used a smaller stick to get the raffia a bit curlier. Oh well, next time!


  1. Oh, I think it is fun. I like the long curly ribbon.. I would have never thought to wet it and do that with it.. You learn something new everyday..


  2. You did prove that realtor wrong! Your pictures are beautiful :)

    I love the added rafia. It really makes the wreath.

    Thank you again!!

  3. I have never seen that done to raffia but it is so neat!! It looks great on your wreath.

    Your bathroom pics were really great!

  4. I had no idea you could do that to raffia. And dye it too? Hmm... I am filing this away too. :o) Great job on your reworked wreath.


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