Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The Cat's Got My Tongue...

...And I have nothing intelligent to say. Mrs B. tagged me a few days ago for a "Four Things" meme. Thanks! Four things I did today: 1. I showered. 2. I got JK out of bed and discovered that she might be growing attached to her tigger that I've put in her crib for the past two nights. She didn't even ask for her vitamins, she was too busy playing with him. 3. Checked my real estate listing and grumbled to myself about the ugly pictures still being there. 4. Read part of my text book, which has to be finished by the start of class tonight. We're practicing a book review, using our textbook (Spunk & Bite by Arthur Plotnik...very interesting read for anyone interested in writing) as the subject. Four things on my to do list: 1. Paint the basement door trim 2. Clean up the dust in the stairwell from patching the walls and painting 3. Fill nail holes in baseboards. Gee, that's been on my list for a while! 4. Fix some baseboards upstairs. Four of my guilty pleasures: 1. Coffee...especially the sugary/fattening kinds like lattes and stuff 2. Mindless television 3. Cookie dough 4. Reading when I know I should be housecleaning or exercising or something useful. Four random facts about me: 1. I would love to go to a Norah Jones concert someday. 2. We used to have a cat. KD named him Griffin after his college athletics team (He used to run cross-country). He was really aggressive and needed to be an outdoor cat, and then I got pregnant and didn't want him to be aggressive with the baby. So we gave him to a no-kill shelter that would take him to a farm if he didn't get adopted. He would love a farm. 3. I love to bake, especially in the fall and winter. Cookies especially, but pies too. Not cakes, I've never been good at them. But then no one is around to eat what I've baked except me, so I can't indulge in baking as often as I'd like. 4. I used to think I was a romantic, imaginitive dreamer, like Anne of Green Gables. But I'm not. I'm actually rather logical and down-to-earth, though I do have my moments. I don't want to tag anyone just now, but if you want to do this one and haven't already, go ahead!


  1. LOL! Cat's got your tongue...sorry that made me laugh.:o) I hear's hard to post something when I'm being lazy as all get out!

  2. Great meme Jo :)

    I see you as a total dreamer. You're definitely creative :)


  3. I'm getting all caught up, and apparently I'm losing my mind because i'm sure I know I read this post a while back, but apparently didn't comment. I don't know why that is. Anyhoo, I love those sugary coffees too. And reading. And Norah Jones is great. And I love the name Griffin. My son was almost named Griffin.


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