Saturday, 18 October 2008

Sewing and Mending

I was doing a bit of hand-sewing this morning, when KD came downstairs. He noticed the needle and thread, and immediately asked me to fix some of his things. Most of the jobs were relatively easy, but when I was fixing a hole in his work bag, the buckle nearly broke my sewing machine! It pulled the needle right out. I think KD likes it when I fix things for him...he feels cared for I guess. I like doing it for him too. It makes me wonder though, what do non-sewing households do when a button pops off or a hem comes undone? I won't tell you exactly what I've been handsewing this morning. I have a couple of projects that are bigger and more involved than my usualy 1-hour items. If they turn out, then I'll post pictures. These two things are just being made up as I go along, so they might not turn out. I've been working on hand-stitching eyelets for lacing. My skill has already improved from the first ones I did. Here are the first ones: And these are the latest. Yes, the fabric is the exact colour of my living room/hall walls. Totally not planned. The fabric is just one of those free bolt-ends I bought in the spring. I'm trying to use stuff that I already own for my creative endeavours instead of buying things. We still haven't had anyone come look at our house. We've lowered the price now, and we're having an open house next Saturday. That's all the news on this end.


  1. Nice eyelets!! You have the knack for detailed work!! Wow!!

    I too have wondered about non-sewing households...what would you do if a button came off?? Things that make you go hmmmmm...

  2. Hi sweet Jo :)

    I can't sew, but I can fix a button. I guess that means I can, but not on a machine LOL

    I love those pictures of you two girls baking the pie for KD :)

    My fingers are crossed for your house sale!


  3. You HAND sewed those eyelets?? Wow! You have some talent. :o) I've still got my fingers crossed about your house....

  4. Good for you for sewing! :)

    I'll tell you what a non-sewing household does...dry cleaners for fixing hems and if a button falls off we wait on one of our moms to come up and fix it. I think they feel special to help us. I could probably sew a button but I just go ahead and let them. :)

  5. I can not believe you are hand sewing those eyelets! They are beautiful- great job!! I have a setting on my sewing machine that does them for me but yours look better!
    I am crossing my fingers for your house to sell! Once you get people in the door they are going to love it! Is your market as difficult as ours in in most parts of the US?
    Have a great week!

  6. Could that be a Halloween costume you are making??? I'm very impressed! I think today was your open house day. Hope it went well!


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