Thursday, 23 October 2008

Vacation pictures

I still have nothing to post about. I'm still working on the project I'm doing the eyelets for. Those eyelets are actually not as difficult as I thought they would be. I'm not certain that I'm doing them correctly, but they look good anyway. I feel kind of detached from my house, so that's probably why I can't think of anything to post on this mostly-house blog. We have an open-house scheduled for Saturday, but our realtor hasn't done anything to advertise it. We are seriously considering changing realtors. He's not doing his job. And we have only 2 weeks left to sell this place. I'm just tired of all this house stuff. And I have a school assignment due next week. So, to counteract the cool weather we've been having this week, here are some more pictures from our vacation to BC this summer. These pictures were on the camera we borrowed and we just got them back recently. Grapes at the winery: JK looks so babyish in these pictures. She didn't like the feel of the grass I guess. At the beach: Cherries at the orchard:


  1. Great photos. Your little one is adorable.

    And good luck with the realtor thing.

  2. Oh! I just love BC!! JK is so cute!!

    Thanks for telling me about the word verification...I didn't know that I even had that on my comments!! I just took it off!

  3. great pics! except for that funny lookin' lady holding jk, you know the lady with the dark hair...LOL

  4. Good morning sweet Jo :)

    I wondered where you had been. Realors are a PITA and I'm sorry this one isn't working out. I still have my fingers crossed that you sell your house :)

    Jk looks adorable!



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