Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Word Count

It is 12:15 AM, and I am obsessed with word count. I've always had trouble meeting the minimum word count requirement for school essays. I guess it's related to my fear of depth and intimacy. I am 873 words into a 1200 word essay that is due by 6:00 PM. I'm sure this essay won't be very good (though it won't be as bad as one I wrote for my last course), because it is like pulling teeth. I thought I would be able to think clearer if I gave myself a break by typing something not related to Diana Athill. So that's why I'm posting now. Sorry about my spotty posting habits the past week. Between this essay, KD's mom visiting, the house stuff, and looking after JK, I've been going in all directions. I don't have much active brain power right now. So pardon me if I ramble. JK has started sassing. I told her at suppertime "Eat your food." She pointed at me and said "Noooo!" KD was no help at all, sitting there laughing at me. It is so hard to keep a straight face when she does something like that. And sometimes I think she's swearing at me in baby-talk. She's going to be a handful. I've cleaned/staged my house twice to have pictures taken for the real-estate listing, and they still haven't taken pictures yet! The picture-taking member of the team will probably come by on Thursday. We signed the papers for listing the house Tuesday evening. (notice I'm not saying "tonight" or "yesterday", because midnight is such a confusing time, particularly when I haven't been to bed yet). Our realtor was impressed with the changes we've made to the house, and said that he liked my staging and I should be in real estate. He complimented the colour of my kitchen (unlike the last agent, who said I should paint it a lighter colour). I still think he's mostly just telling us what we want to hear. We submitted our offer to the owners of the duplex on Monday evening, giving them 24 hours to consider and reply. We waited in suspense all day, and then they called asking for more time to consider. So annoying. I think they're taking the time to look at houses in Saskatchewan where they are moving to see whether they can afford to take our offer. Maybe they should have done that already. So we should hear from them by 8:00 tonight. I hope they don't get another/better offer in the meantime. Ok, now back to my everlasting essay. (The pictures on this post have absolutely nothing to do with the content, but they are just some I have edited in Picassa. Picassa is ok for a free download, but it is rather limited.)


  1. Good luck with that essay! I'd be obsessed by the word count too.

    I sure hope you get that duplex! Is your house listed yet- even without the pictures?

    Oh...and my daughter is 9 and she is sassy as the day she was born! It gets worse. lol

  2. Oh, the stress of selling a house! I'm sure the realtor was being honest with you. You have great taste, and I'm sure your home will show well. Sometimes you see the pictures for real estate listings and you just have to wonder what people were thinking.

    Good luck with the essay. That flower picture is very pretty. Haven't tried Picassa yet.

  3. Your daughter will be a handfull! It's a good thing you didnt name her after a goddess of war, or something like that.....

    heh heh


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