Thursday, 27 November 2008

Cozying up for Winter

I finally changed something around the house! Of course, it's something very minor, but it's something I've done every year that we've lived here. I took down my fall wreath, and replaced it with a quilted wall-hanging that my Nanny made. I have two, but the other has pictures of snow-men, so I don't put that one out until we actually have snow. And I bought something for my house: A pretty ceramic garlic-keep. I've been wanting one, but I didn't like the earthen-ware ones that I always saw. This one was about $7 at Safeway. I think it needs a tag and a ribbon. After I left KD and JK to go to school last night, they got a phone call from a realtor asking to show our house in 45 minutes. So KD had to finish feeding the baby and tidy the house and keep JK from messing it up again...all by himself. He did a very good job...for a man who generally doesn't notice whether the house is sparkling or not. He didn't polish and tidy quite to my standards, but I was quite proud when I got home and saw how he did. Besides, it figures that the one time the house isn't sparkling, the buyer is actually interested! Yay! Our house is in her top two. Finally we get some interest. PS: How does a baby sprout a molar without the mama noticing? Bad mama! And Happy American Thanksgiving!

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