Thursday, 13 November 2008

Air Mail

Every day I check the mail, expecting nothing more than the usual junk and bills and the odd newsletter for KD. But I always hope there will be something interesting for me. I love getting mail, but I rarely do. Today--surprise!--I got a card from my dear friend ebbyanne. Somehow the timing of her letters is always perfect and give me the encouragement I need. Someday soon I need to brew a cup of the white tea she sent, and sit down to write her a letter. Our written correspondence has become even more sporadic since the advent of Facebook...and Ebby's move across oceans. We had a showing of our house on Tuesday, and we haven't heard yet what the people thought of it. For the other showings we always found out the next day that they thought it was "clean and nice" but they weren't interested, so maybe this delay is a good thing. In the meantime, the duplex we want to buy is still on the market, and I doubt they'll sell any faster than we do if they don't lower the price. The marke is getting dramatically softer around here. One reason I really want this house stuff to be over with is so that I can do house-stuff again and decorate for the holidays! We had our first on-the-ground snowfall on Tuesday, and I am itching for Christmas.


  1. I was just thinking today if I should break out the Christmas things. Which in turn reminded me that I entered the Mrs.survival ornament exchange! I forgot about it and I have not even MADE them! So I went to get the mail, and Momm and Snowmom had already sent me theirs....

    You never did say how your interview was. :D

  2. Hi sweet Jo :)

    I know how you feel. I was so sick of not doing what I wanted in my own house it made me sick. I don't think we're going to put it back on the market for a very long time. Here in the states, the market is AWFUL.

    I'm so sorry about JK's finger. Give it a little kiss for me :)


  3. I love getting mail too! Fun mail that is!! Oh I hope your house sells soon honey. That has got to be so frustrating!
    Little JK is so beautiful and growing like a weed! I know what you mean about getting to enjoy her longer. Bella was slow to do everything and didnt walk until she was sixteen months! She took her first steps on Father's Day and Marc said that was the greatest gift! Now Kyle on the other hand way way ahead of schedule on everything and started to walk at 9 1/2 months! Cali seems to be following the path of her big brother. I just wish she would slow down a bit. They dont stay babies very long and that breaks my heart.
    Hope you are doing well!

  4. REAL mail! I get so few letters and cards these days... I love facebook and email, but sometimes it's nice to get the real thing, isn't it?

    I feel like I have no idea what's going on with you these days. Hope all is well!!!


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