Friday, 7 November 2008

My First Interview

Today, at 4:00 PM, I have an interview. No, I'm not getting a job. I'm interviewing an editor for my school final project (in lieu of a final exam...I think I'd prefer the exam!). I was lucky to be the first to ask the editor who did a talk about fact-checking in our last class...otherwise, I'd have to try cold-calling someone from the newspaper or something. I'm glad I was able to avoid that. And now, since I've already met this editor and I know that she is friendly and nice and bubbly and talkative, I'm not as nervous as I would be otherwise. I have to come up with some good questions, which have to be handed in with the profile I have to write. My instructor was going to email me some notes from her Magazine Writing course, but she hasn't. I'll just have to wing it with what I can find on the internet. I think I've come up with some decent ones. Today is the deadline for the contract of the house we want to buy. I don't know what's going to happen, and frankly, I don't care. Last night at supper, I was getting JK's highchair ready for her to sit in, when she reached up on the table and grabbed the handle of the roaster I had just taken out of the oven. I didn't think she'd be able to reach it. She has a little burn on her finger. It is a bit swollen today, but not blistered. Now she knows the meaning of "hot", which is one of her favourite words to say. It makes me sad.

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  1. Poor JK! Give her lots of kisses for me! And poor mama, Tell K to give you a hug for me! I hope your interview went well.

    Love ya sis!


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