Thursday, 6 November 2008

Scavenger Hunt

My sister, Ceall Na Sidhe, tagged me for an interesting meme. Instructions: To answer the questions below, do a Google Image Search with your answer, and choose a picture from the first page of results. [I didn't notice this part when I was doing it, so some of my pictures are not from the first page. Oops!]. Post the answer with minimal words of explanation. [I also have to confess that I reworded these instructions to be more grammatically correct...I have an incurable obsession. Sorry to the original writer of the instructions!] Age at my next birthday: Favourite place I would like to travel to: Favourite place to be: Favourite food: [I couldn't find a bigger picture, so if you can't read it, this is Bernard Callebaut Chocolate Drops...very expensive chocolate chips] Favourite pet:Favourite colour combination: Favourite piece of clothing: Favourite Movie: Town I live in: First job: Dream Job: Bad Habit: Worst Fear: Something I'd like to do before I die:


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