Saturday, 6 December 2008

Cowboy Cards

Yesterday we went to a cowboy first birthday party for Juliana's friend "Kekker". It was also a party for his mom, so I searched through my Microsoft Word clipart, and made these two cards. It took me a while to get inspired. I haven't made a card in a long time. Our house sale was finalised (except for our final sign-off) on Thursday. The very next day I went to the basement to put some laundry in the washer, and there was more than an inch of water puddled on the floor in the laundry closet! Oh, the ironic timing of it all! At first we thought the washer was leaking (I wish!), but nope, the water is coming from a crack up the corner of the foundation. At least we (or the new owner) don't have to pay for the repair because it's the condo association's responsibility, but we still need to find a way to stop the water coming in until the engineers can come take a look at it (some time in January according to the condo board). Our realtor says we don't need to tell the new owner of the problem, since she's already signed off on the inspection report, and she won't have to pay to fix this. I think that's unethical. What do you think? I'm just glad we're getting out of this whole condo mess. Mike Holmes, come fix it!


  1. Jo!! Your cards were definitely my favorite of the night! thanks so much for putting so much work into them. and your little Cowgirl is soooo cute!!

  2. Your cards are GORGEOUS! My sister had a cowboy/horse themed party for her son's first birthday...those cards would have been perfect! :o)

    Congrats on the sale of your condo! How exciting for you guys! I'm reading your blog backwards, so hopefully I'll see more details in earlier posts. Sorry about the water problem though! Yikes!


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