Monday, 8 December 2008

Fun with a Paper Shredder

This is what happened when I ran tissue paper through the shredder! Fun stuff! The little gifts are for the three sets of JK's grandparents. This is what is inside: I cut out little trees from some Balsa wood I had (harder than it looks! I recommend buying pre-cut shapes at Michael's or Walmart). Then I wrote on them with a fine-tip sharpie, and had JK colour both sides with red, green, and yellow crayons. Next I hot-glued on the ribbon, and packaged them up! In other news, JK is getting so big! Her hair is long enough for pigtails, and she's FINALLY WALKING! She is so much fun. And, most importantly really, the crack in our foundation is now fixed! No more basement lake. I was amazed both by how fast it was done, and how low the price was. Thank you Rick! OK, I'm suppsed to be doing my final project for school...time to stop procastinating.


  1. Utterly adorable little Christmas elves LOL...and great idea for the tissue paper, who knew? NEAT!

  2. I can't believe how big she's gotten! I need to come by more before she's enrolled in college LOL

    Those gifts turned out really really cute!

    I'm glad the leak was fixed and I'm so excited for you :)



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