Thursday, 4 December 2008

A Little Bit of Christmas

I'm having a hard time getting into Christmas this year. Which is strange, because I usually start thinking about it in September! We're not putting up a tree this year, since we're moving in January and I have to pack the house between now and then...and we won't even be home for Christmas week. But I had to do something to make the house a little festive. I copied some things from a friend, but she doesn't mind. I switched all the blue and brown books on my mantle with red and green ones. Old books are great to decorate with. My willow tree family got some mistletoe. My little grey bird got a pretty ribbon. She's been asking for one for months, but I didn't give her one until now. The red nicely complements my pretty green ipod, don't you think?And here is my little helper with her fuzzy hair-do. Today we are supposed to hear whether the buyer of our house has removed the conditions. She had some concerns regarding the condo documents, so we're crossing our fingers that she'll still want to buy the place. But if she doesn't, we have another showing this afternoon anyway. JK and I will be out of the house all afternoon! We're going swimming with friends, then we have to be out for the showing, then we have to leave KD in peace for four hours to do a practice exam. Crazy!


  1. I love the scrabble letter can change it according to holiday!!

  2. Your decorations are always so beautiful and simple Jo! Of course, My decorations have to be war-goddess proof, so I could never decorate so delicately! lol Love you all!

  3. LOVE your decor! The Bah Humbug sign made me laugh. I need one of those this year! I used to own a pin that said "scrooge was right"...wonder what happened to that? :o)

  4. I am lovin the decor!!!!
    The Scrabble tiles are my fav.


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