Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Movin', moo-hoo-oo-oo-oovin', movin' up to glory land!

Ahem. Sorry. Every time I move, I get that song stuck in my head for weeks before and after. And that is the only line I remember. My mom had this southern gospel tape when I was growing up, and that was my brother's favourite song to sing at the top of his lungs when he was about 8 years old. So, we're moving on Saturday! Yay! I get to pick up the keys at noon on Friday, then I plan to take pictures of the empty house to share with y'all before things get chaotic over there on Saturday. We still haven't decided whether KD and his friends will be moving the piano or if we will hire a mover for that. I'd rather a mover do it. I don't want anyone breaking any bones for a junky old piano, even if I love it.


  1. I haven't heard that song before but it is kinda catchy isn't it? Have fun with your move!

  2. oooh good luck, how exciting and scary anu keep up your energy lol!


  3. Good luck with your move...and I vote for a piano mover. :)

    ~ Sarah

  4. LOL! Thanks for the laugh (gosh those guys are so young! I guess I was introduced to the gaither gang when they were all much, much older)

    Try to have some fun with your move, OK? And I look forward to seeing those pictures, and hearing how it all went


  5. So exciting!! Cannot wait to see pics of your new place! I cannot wait for the day we buy a house, yay! =)

  6. those old guys sure can sing! lol

    Love ya sis!


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