Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Oh, My Poor Neglected Little Blog!

I've thought about my blog over the past month since I last posted...And I've wondered what my blog friends are doing. My house is all torn apart for moving, and looks both bare and cluttered. We went to the mountains for Christmas and had a great time with 24 other members of my family. Don't pay attention to KD's goofy grin...he never cooperates for pictures. This is my dear sister, who has also been neglecting her blog. Isn't her hair adorable? "Ha-wo? Ha-wo?" Today I was packing up some decorations, and JK was carrying Jasper around saying "Teet-teet! Teet-teet!" (meaning to say "tweet", of course). I can't believe how grown up she is lately. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. I'll try to think of a more interesting post soon. We're moving in 9 days!


  1. Happy New Year!!! How exciting that you are moving so soon!! I am amazed that you have found time to blog at all!!! I can't wait to see your new "digs"!

  2. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! I didn't know you got it! I see you have been posting about as regularly as I have!! LOL!! And I am so far behind on visiting. I just can't keep up with anything lately. Oh your new house is GORGEOUS!! I would be excited to live there too!! Actually I am excited just to see what you do with it! I can't wait! Is it new construction? It is like something from a magazine. Good luck and have fun packing. I can only imagine what JK must be feeling right now. How is she taking it? Is she confused or does she get it? They grow up so fast- and at the age she is right now she will just take off! My kids were the same way and it broke my heart. Everyday learning and doing more and just blew my mind.
    Take care!!

  3. 9 days?? YAY! I can't wait to see photos of what you do in the new house. Have an easy move. :o)

  4. Hi sweet Jo :)

    I wondered if you were okay! We must be moving at the same time. We move in on the 23rd :)

    Isn't it exciting????


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