Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Camera is dead!

Ok, so I said I would post about Jasper's new friend next. But before I took a picture of her, the camera died. Nothing serious, it just needs charging. But I can't find the charging cord! So, instead of pictures, you get my rambling thoughts instead. Is that ok?
Yesterday evening KD and I spent more time in the emergency room. He still has mysterious pain in various parts of his body. They told him to come back today for an ultrasound, so right now, he's sitting by himself in the emergency room to get reregistered. So annoying. I am at home waiting for JK to wake up. Luckily we were able to have KD's brother and his wife take her last night. She slept there, but I had to go pick her up at 8am. JK is also sick. She has an ear infection and throat infection. I really wanted to wait until after she was at least two years old before giving her antibiotics, but she's on them now, at 21 months. My reason for wanting to wait is probably unfounded...but I blame all the antibiotics I had to take as a baby for my poor eyesight. All my siblings have perfect eyes. Poor JK has been coughing a lot at night, though she's fine during the day.
The new baby has been moving a lot more this week. I love the little nudges. I'm 18.5 weeks pregnant right now. But I am still sick sometimes, I don't remember the last day I didn't have a headache, and I'm so tired! When is the second-trimester energy supposed to kick in? I'm starting to get a little stressed out about how much needs to be done before the baby arrives. KD thinks that moving the office downstairs can wait until July...but I don't want to have to be painting the bedrooms when I'm 8 months pregnant! Only JK's needs painting, and I really want to get started on her "big-girl room". I came across a red cast-iron daybed frame for sale that would be adorable painted white or black or brown, but I think it's more than I can justify spending for something we don't strictly need. What we need for her is a dresser and night table. Then there's the outside of the house! My two goals there for this year are the fence and some trees. Of course I have dozens of other ideas that will probably not get done this year. But I'd like to have a plan for this garden rather than just haphazardly guessing what plants to put where. So I'm taking a short 2-hour intro to landscaping course in May. Maybe by then the snow will be gone. Maybe.
Let's see...I think that's all I have to ramble about today. I hope you weren't too bored! Pictures will come as soon as I can find the cord and charge the camera. I think I know what box it should be in...I just haven't had the energy to unpack it yet.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

More Strange Shelves

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Neither my clothing or this post contain much green...mostly because I forgot. I have finally decorated something purposefully in my house. Before we got the garage door opener, this little weird shelf next to the front door just collected junk from every time we walked inside. So, I decided to put something there on purpose to keep that from happening. We have a couple of other shelves that are difficult to decorate and don't make sense. There's this one at the top of the stairs that will be pretty once I figure out what to put on it. It's about waist-height when standing at the top of the stairs, so JK will be able to reach it. But what has me almost as stumped as the fireplace shelf-thing is this half-wall between the kitchen and living room. It collects almost as much junk as the kitchen counter does! Any ideas what I should put on it? I don't want a lot, just enough to prevent the junk from accumulating. I went to take an updated picture of it today, but the kitchen is an absolute disaster right now from four days of KD being sick and me feeling not so great. We actually spent all of yesterday in the emergency room to find the cause of the abdominal pain that KD has been suffering from since Friday night. He's feeling a bit better now, but they still don't know what the problem is. More tests and stuff tomorrow! Thanks for everyone who provided suggestions about my last post. I'm letting the ideas percolate in my head and I hope to have a solution soon!
For something on a different topic, I bought new shoes! Now for most people, women in particular, buying new shoes wouldn't be such a reason to jump ecstatically up and down, but before I bought these, the only black somewhat-dressy shoes I owned were some clunky thick-healed velcro-fastened things. They were in style when I bought them10 years ago, I swear! My stylish aunty H helped my pick them out. But I've been saying for the past SIX years that I need new black shoes. I hated the ones I had. They didn't look good with skirts at all. And what prevented me from buying new ones? Just my tiny little fear of spending money. I think I need counselling for that. The shoes were only $40. I love my new shoes! Next post, I'll show you something I found on clearance at the hospital gift shop yesterday...a friend for Jasper!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I've Got a Weird Shelf-Thing Above the Fireplace - Need Help!

What do I do with this weird shelf-thing? I suppose it is intended for a TV, with all the plugs and outlets up there, but our TV is in the basement, and this shelf is strange! It is the first thing a guest will see when walking in the front door. Yet it is also the fireplace mantle. How can I decorate it? I welcome any and all ideas! (by the way, the skim-board is not staying there...it is probably going in the baby's room) Besides the dumb shape of the shelf, the mantle part itself is odd. Why did they have the wall jut out with just some plain baseboard trim outlining it? It is so unsubstantial. Ideally, I'd love to frame the fireplace with some nice traditional-looking trim, but the lightswitches are in the way. So I'm thinking of putting some small crown-moulding under the sticking-out part, and painting it all white. I think that would make it not so weird looking from the different angles. Maybe. By the way, isn't our laminate lovely? The variegated colour makes all my different wooden things look right at home, like the cherry piano, the pine table, and oak end tables. All of which you shall see as soon as I fix the vacuume cleaner. I finally managed to have one part of the house tidy enough to take pictures of. Keep in mind, these are all "before" pictures. I am not practiced enough with decorating to be able to make it look pretty right away when moving in. I have to think about things for a while. And I haven't unpacked my decorating stuff yet. This (below) is our dining area. It is in the middle of our kitchen. I think the kitchen is what is called a "country" or "farmhouse" kitchen. We need to get a bigger table. This is our little Ikea table that we had for our very first tiny apartment. And I want different chairs, because these are so uncomfortable. My grandma's china tea cups look right at home above the cupboards. I actually had enough cupboard space to put most of the rest of the china inside (it is above the fridge, and difficult to reach). No more dusty china! I can use it now without prewashing! I've started thinking about paint colours. These are my options for our bedroom. I want it to feel like a rainy seacoast or something. Our bedding will be white with possibly some neutral accents, and the walls will be either grey-blue or grey-green. These are the options for JK's room. KD isn't too thrilled with the pink idea, but we'll see. The baby's room will likely stay yellow, because it is the one room in the house that has pristine paint. No gouges or other flaws that I've noticed, and no nail holes either. Today I am stuck at home waiting for the installer of our garage door opener to arrive. Even if I wasn't waiting, I doubt I'd go anywhere except to the grocery store, because it is -40 degrees here. I stayed home yesterday because I didn't want to take JK out in the cold, but now it is colder, and I must go out or have nothing for supper. Except perhaps cheesecake:

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Soother Free! (hope it stays that way)

Would you believe that I still haven't taken pictures of my house yet? The main floor is mostly presentable, except that the vacuum doesn't work so I can't clean up the lint that is all over the rug from my latest creative project. I also forgot to take a picture of that. It was so nice to be thinking creatively again, after nearly three months of solely shopping-packing-moving-unpacking. I made three bibs for a friend's baby, out of tan terry-cloth (hence the lint on the rug) and navy corduroy. Today is the second day with a soother-less toddler. She actually slept all night long! I was amazed. Of course I couldn't sleep though. But I think I have just replaced one vice with another one. She doesn't even ask for her soother, but she won't go to sleep unless I rock her...several times. But I can deal with that. I've done it before. In any case, she is happy and so am I. In this picture JK is modeling a tiny t-shirt that KD's mom sent for the new baby. When the package came, KD commented on the fact that there was no letter or note. I told him the intended message is clear: Nanny wants a grandson!