Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Camera is dead!

Ok, so I said I would post about Jasper's new friend next. But before I took a picture of her, the camera died. Nothing serious, it just needs charging. But I can't find the charging cord! So, instead of pictures, you get my rambling thoughts instead. Is that ok?
Yesterday evening KD and I spent more time in the emergency room. He still has mysterious pain in various parts of his body. They told him to come back today for an ultrasound, so right now, he's sitting by himself in the emergency room to get reregistered. So annoying. I am at home waiting for JK to wake up. Luckily we were able to have KD's brother and his wife take her last night. She slept there, but I had to go pick her up at 8am. JK is also sick. She has an ear infection and throat infection. I really wanted to wait until after she was at least two years old before giving her antibiotics, but she's on them now, at 21 months. My reason for wanting to wait is probably unfounded...but I blame all the antibiotics I had to take as a baby for my poor eyesight. All my siblings have perfect eyes. Poor JK has been coughing a lot at night, though she's fine during the day.
The new baby has been moving a lot more this week. I love the little nudges. I'm 18.5 weeks pregnant right now. But I am still sick sometimes, I don't remember the last day I didn't have a headache, and I'm so tired! When is the second-trimester energy supposed to kick in? I'm starting to get a little stressed out about how much needs to be done before the baby arrives. KD thinks that moving the office downstairs can wait until July...but I don't want to have to be painting the bedrooms when I'm 8 months pregnant! Only JK's needs painting, and I really want to get started on her "big-girl room". I came across a red cast-iron daybed frame for sale that would be adorable painted white or black or brown, but I think it's more than I can justify spending for something we don't strictly need. What we need for her is a dresser and night table. Then there's the outside of the house! My two goals there for this year are the fence and some trees. Of course I have dozens of other ideas that will probably not get done this year. But I'd like to have a plan for this garden rather than just haphazardly guessing what plants to put where. So I'm taking a short 2-hour intro to landscaping course in May. Maybe by then the snow will be gone. Maybe.
Let's see...I think that's all I have to ramble about today. I hope you weren't too bored! Pictures will come as soon as I can find the cord and charge the camera. I think I know what box it should be in...I just haven't had the energy to unpack it yet.

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  1. Sweetie, what kind of pain is KD having? My husband went through bouts of awful, awful pain that would take us to the ER several times and it was terrifying. He is not a complainer so that made it even more scary. I hope everything is okay and he will find answers soon. I will keep him (and all of you) in my prayers!


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