Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I've Got a Weird Shelf-Thing Above the Fireplace - Need Help!

What do I do with this weird shelf-thing? I suppose it is intended for a TV, with all the plugs and outlets up there, but our TV is in the basement, and this shelf is strange! It is the first thing a guest will see when walking in the front door. Yet it is also the fireplace mantle. How can I decorate it? I welcome any and all ideas! (by the way, the skim-board is not staying there...it is probably going in the baby's room) Besides the dumb shape of the shelf, the mantle part itself is odd. Why did they have the wall jut out with just some plain baseboard trim outlining it? It is so unsubstantial. Ideally, I'd love to frame the fireplace with some nice traditional-looking trim, but the lightswitches are in the way. So I'm thinking of putting some small crown-moulding under the sticking-out part, and painting it all white. I think that would make it not so weird looking from the different angles. Maybe. By the way, isn't our laminate lovely? The variegated colour makes all my different wooden things look right at home, like the cherry piano, the pine table, and oak end tables. All of which you shall see as soon as I fix the vacuume cleaner. I finally managed to have one part of the house tidy enough to take pictures of. Keep in mind, these are all "before" pictures. I am not practiced enough with decorating to be able to make it look pretty right away when moving in. I have to think about things for a while. And I haven't unpacked my decorating stuff yet. This (below) is our dining area. It is in the middle of our kitchen. I think the kitchen is what is called a "country" or "farmhouse" kitchen. We need to get a bigger table. This is our little Ikea table that we had for our very first tiny apartment. And I want different chairs, because these are so uncomfortable. My grandma's china tea cups look right at home above the cupboards. I actually had enough cupboard space to put most of the rest of the china inside (it is above the fridge, and difficult to reach). No more dusty china! I can use it now without prewashing! I've started thinking about paint colours. These are my options for our bedroom. I want it to feel like a rainy seacoast or something. Our bedding will be white with possibly some neutral accents, and the walls will be either grey-blue or grey-green. These are the options for JK's room. KD isn't too thrilled with the pink idea, but we'll see. The baby's room will likely stay yellow, because it is the one room in the house that has pristine paint. No gouges or other flaws that I've noticed, and no nail holes either. Today I am stuck at home waiting for the installer of our garage door opener to arrive. Even if I wasn't waiting, I doubt I'd go anywhere except to the grocery store, because it is -40 degrees here. I stayed home yesterday because I didn't want to take JK out in the cold, but now it is colder, and I must go out or have nothing for supper. Except perhaps cheesecake:


  1. Not that there's anything wrong with cheesecake for supper. :)

    I'm going to go back and study that mantel-esque ummmm mantel & see if I can come up with something constructive.

    Love the paint colors

  2. I think that you should put a three large framed photos leaning against the wall. ...ie. largest would reach two thirds up the full part of the wall, then a mediums sized one to the right and then a small one leaning in the front leaning on the med and large one.

    Now, take that for what it is worth. I am by no means an interior decorator but that is my two cents!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS!! Are congratulations ever in order!!! I have missed waaaaaay too much apparently! Congratulations on the new house AND the new baby!!! What an exciting time for you guys!! How did the house end up working out?!? I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU and YOUR FAMILY!!!!! I will keep you all in my prayers that everything goes well with you and the new arrival. That morning sickness is miserable! I had it awful with Kyle and worse with Cali. You poor thing. I hope it lets up soon!! Can't wait to see how you decorate. The fireplace....let me think on that for awhile. That's a tricky one. But still a great feature in the room. And the floors........WOW! They are STUNNING!!

  4. Hi Jo,
    Thanks for coming by my blog...so nice to meet you. JK is precious! That mantle/shelf is a bit of a challenge. I keep wanting to stick a big floral arrangment up there to camoflauge the wall/corner part of it, but I'm not big on floral arrangements on mantels. I don't know if you have a Hobby Lobby near you but they carry lots of decorative stuff, so maybe just wondering through there or a similar store might give you some ideas. You've got your "before" pics, so once you get it decorated, take some "after" pics and come participate in Metamorphosis Mondays. :-) You can click on the butterfly in my sidebar for the details...this would be a great Met Monday post. Actually, any of the rooms you are working on would make a great future Met Monday post. Hope your garage door installation went well. :-) Susan

  5. cheesecake for supper seems like a lovely idea!! those minus 40 days were a killer huh. I'm so glad you are having these problems with the mantles, etc, it only means that good things are on the way because when you start thinking and creating, it honestly turns into something so beautiful, can't wait to see what you end up doing with it. i have no sense of decorating, sorry i don't have good tips for you!!


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