Tuesday, 17 March 2009

More Strange Shelves

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Neither my clothing or this post contain much green...mostly because I forgot. I have finally decorated something purposefully in my house. Before we got the garage door opener, this little weird shelf next to the front door just collected junk from every time we walked inside. So, I decided to put something there on purpose to keep that from happening. We have a couple of other shelves that are difficult to decorate and don't make sense. There's this one at the top of the stairs that will be pretty once I figure out what to put on it. It's about waist-height when standing at the top of the stairs, so JK will be able to reach it. But what has me almost as stumped as the fireplace shelf-thing is this half-wall between the kitchen and living room. It collects almost as much junk as the kitchen counter does! Any ideas what I should put on it? I don't want a lot, just enough to prevent the junk from accumulating. I went to take an updated picture of it today, but the kitchen is an absolute disaster right now from four days of KD being sick and me feeling not so great. We actually spent all of yesterday in the emergency room to find the cause of the abdominal pain that KD has been suffering from since Friday night. He's feeling a bit better now, but they still don't know what the problem is. More tests and stuff tomorrow! Thanks for everyone who provided suggestions about my last post. I'm letting the ideas percolate in my head and I hope to have a solution soon!
For something on a different topic, I bought new shoes! Now for most people, women in particular, buying new shoes wouldn't be such a reason to jump ecstatically up and down, but before I bought these, the only black somewhat-dressy shoes I owned were some clunky thick-healed velcro-fastened things. They were in style when I bought them10 years ago, I swear! My stylish aunty H helped my pick them out. But I've been saying for the past SIX years that I need new black shoes. I hated the ones I had. They didn't look good with skirts at all. And what prevented me from buying new ones? Just my tiny little fear of spending money. I think I need counselling for that. The shoes were only $40. I love my new shoes! Next post, I'll show you something I found on clearance at the hospital gift shop yesterday...a friend for Jasper!


  1. I have a weird shelf like that too dividing my kitchen and dining/living area. Mine is more of a bar. I have tried decorating it so many times in order to keep the junk off of it....but to no avail. Alas the decor is gone and the junk remains. We are seriously bursting at the seams in our apartment and have run out of room to put anything so I have just given up.
    One of my favorite ideas for my weird area- I lined up candles in large votive/hurricanes that I got from Wal-Mart for $3.50 each. I bought 5 of them and filled the bottom 3 inches with natural looking stones and then pressed white 3" pillar candles in them. It was beautiful to have that row of row of candle light and the reflections that bounced around the room. Of course with my husband's obcession for dumping mail on the area I had to remove them!!! I love the shelf you have already done and your new shoes are FAB!! It's about time honey!! :)
    Hope you are feeling good!!

  2. I love those shoes! I had a bunch of abd, pain in Dec and went and they found nothing! It ended up being my gallbladder! I hope everything is better soon!

  3. Hi sweet Jo :)

    LOVE your new shoes! The house is going to be wonderful when you get done decorating it. Just take your time and look at a lot of pictures online. Ideas will come to you, just doing that. Have fun with it!

    I hope KD feels better soon.


  4. You do have some odd shelves but to me that is just more surfaces to decorate! :) I actually wouldn't put anything on the shelf at the top of the stairs. Instead I might just hang a picture centered over the shelf about 6 inches from the bottom. I can't see the rest of the wall so I don't know if that would work.

    I love your little vignette by the front door! That is so cute!

    As for the bar, I would just put some tall accessories at the end on the left side. That way since they would be up against the wall kind of they might not get bumped off. :)

    Love what you have done so far!

  5. I'm so glad you have your house! :) I think for the divider wall between the kitchen and living area, I'd just do some tall candlesticks (hefty ones) on the left side and leave the rest of the wall open.

    ~ Sarah

  6. Love your house! I see your post is a couple of years old and I'm wondering what you did with the shelf by the stairs? Because there is an outlet near by I would put a small lamp there to light the stair way perhaps as a night light. You can cut lamps and shades in half too and mount them to the wall.


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