Saturday, 7 March 2009

Soother Free! (hope it stays that way)

Would you believe that I still haven't taken pictures of my house yet? The main floor is mostly presentable, except that the vacuum doesn't work so I can't clean up the lint that is all over the rug from my latest creative project. I also forgot to take a picture of that. It was so nice to be thinking creatively again, after nearly three months of solely shopping-packing-moving-unpacking. I made three bibs for a friend's baby, out of tan terry-cloth (hence the lint on the rug) and navy corduroy. Today is the second day with a soother-less toddler. She actually slept all night long! I was amazed. Of course I couldn't sleep though. But I think I have just replaced one vice with another one. She doesn't even ask for her soother, but she won't go to sleep unless I rock her...several times. But I can deal with that. I've done it before. In any case, she is happy and so am I. In this picture JK is modeling a tiny t-shirt that KD's mom sent for the new baby. When the package came, KD commented on the fact that there was no letter or note. I told him the intended message is clear: Nanny wants a grandson!

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  1. She is so cute Jo :)

    Have fun decorating and don't rush it!



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