Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Boots and Fences and Rocks

KD is out playing floor hockey tonight, and JK is sleeping, so I got to play around with my photoshop elements. I think JK's rubber boots are adorable. We had a warm day for April...the forecast was 24 degrees Celsius, but I'm not sure how warm it actually got. It felt like it was around 20-25 or so. JK and I went for a walk. KD wanted me to go check how all the neighbours did their back fence. We're debating whether to build the fence all the way to the back property line, or stop at the far edge of the garage. My vote, especially after looking around the neighbourhood, is to build it as far back as we can. I'm not giving up one square foot of my yard! JK did very well on our hour-long walk. She skinned her knee a couple of times, but other than saying "Owie" every so often, it didn't bother her. And who needs an Easter egg hunt when a toddler gets just as much fun finding rocks? She filled her hands up to overflowing several times. Every time she found a new one she asked "Take it with us?" I told her she can take anything she can hold, as long as it isn't a rock someone has paid for. After our walk, we sat on the porch and had some juice. KD found us there when he got home from work.
JK woke up crying at one o'clock this morning. By the time I got up she had quieted down. But I couldn't resist taking a picture of the neighbourhood from our office window. Our garage is in the lower right. I love this view, by day and by night. I currently have that view in front of me, with the window open listening to the distant frogs. I think we may get a thunderstorm tonight.

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  1. Definitely build the fence as far back as you can. I wouldn't give up one square foot of yard either :)


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