Sunday, 5 April 2009

Jasper's New Friend

Finally, here is the promised post about Jasper's new friend. When we were waiting for hours in the emergency room the first time for KD's still-mysterious pain, JK and I took a walk though the hospital to distract her from being cranky and tired. The gift shop was having an inventory clearance, and while there were several nice things I saw, this little red iron bird caught my eye. She was 25% off, but even then her price was twice what I paid for Jasper. So I left her, and JK and I continued wandering around the hospital. But on the way back, I decided that $13 is still a good price for a solid iron bird. Jasper is hollow, so that could be why he cost less. So I bought the red one. I know she's definitely a she, and I think her name is Lori (sounds like the last syllables of the hospital's name).
Yesterday JK was "helping" KD clean up the garage and fix the car. She followed him around like a little duckling. Don't worry, the car didn't actually go anywhere with JK sitting in the front just kept her out of the way. Poor JK is still sick. She spent half the night coughing. So we have another doctor's appointment tomorrow. In the meantime we stayed home from church so she doesn't infect all the other toddlers in the nursery, and she's having a nap. I give her "tea" to help with the coughing: warm water, milk, and honey. She loves it. And this is what I look like these days. I am currently 19 weeks pregnant, and feeling huge!

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  1. You may feel huge but you look beautiful!!!! Awwww You are one of those lucky pretty preggers!!!


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