Friday, 24 April 2009

Thoughts on Farmhouse Style

I've been thinking recently about decorating this house. And I'm stumped. The walls are all one colour, and I don't know what colour I want it to be! I love colour, but I'm finding myself drawn to neutrals a lot more lately. Maybe because of my white walls challenge in the last house. I think I'm afraid to make a decision and pick a colour, especially since I know the yellow walls will be painted over eventually. So, I started thinking about my ideal house. What would my house be like if I could choose anything? I think I'd like a farmhouse. Old, with lots of character, but of course with all the modern conveniences to keep KD happy! But when I say farmhouse, I'm not thinking completely rustic and worn...I'd rather lean more toward a well-loved look. More Cottagey-farmhouse, I suppose Now, this house is 1.5 years old...and completely devoid of anything I would call character, at least on the inside. Since I can't live in a farmhouse, how can I bring the feel and character that I want into this house?...with a very small budget? (I wanted to add pictures to this post from the May Victoria magazine, but none of the pictures I loved are on their website...and this computer doesn't have access to the scanner)

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  1. I have found in this house that the neutrals are just the best thing ever. I had always used a lot of red and gold, but when we moved here, the walls and carpet are a light cocoa color beige. Not a yellow beight, but a cocoa beight. My sofa in the LR is just about the same color only 2 shades lighter and since it isn't a huge house, everything looks bigger with the neutrals and I can accessorize with so many different colors and change things out for the seasons or just because I want to. If you havn't seen my LR take a peak on my blog. YOu may learn to love the neutrals and then accessorize anyway you want. Hugs, Marty


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