Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Best Birthday Ever

(picture from 1984, with my uncle and aunt, whose birthdays are both very close to mine) Yesterday, at 11:55 PM, I told KD, that this is probably my best birthday ever! And it hadn't even officially started yet. My birthday is actually today. But getting back to yesterday: JK and I go to a mom's group on Tuesday mornings, and the other moms brought cake and flowers for me. Then for dinner that evening, JK went over to "grandpa's house" while KD and I went out with some dear friends for a lovely Italian meal, then to bible study. Those dear friends gave me two adorable bird tea-light holders. Jasper has some beautiful new friends! That night, just as we were going to bed, KD handed me a package. As I was opening it, I said "I think I know what this is". I was right! KD bought me a beautiful angel door-knocker from an antique shop at the lake. We were there on Saturday, and KD sneakily went back to buy it. Until I saw this one at the shop, I had never seen a door knocker I liked as much as my lion-head one. If KD will let me drill holes in our metal door, I'd like to put it up...after I paint the door, of course. Another thing that I got yesterday that is not a birthday present, but feels like one, is a new quilted bedspread. I am so happy with it. It is the first bedding item that we have ever bought that wasn't just something we just bought because the price was right. I've had an idea in my head ever since we moved of what I want our bed to be like, and this is perfect. The bed still needs a headboard (which may not happen at this house, because of all the windows), another king-sized pillow, maybe some accent pillows, and definitely a bedskirt. The rest of the bedroom needs much more, starting with paint. But the bedding is a start. I'm so thrilled with it. ***** And here's some changes to our house: A gorgeous quilted wall-hanging/table centerpiece made by my Nanny for a housewarming gift. Baskets in the bedroom to corral the junk that I haven't yet found another place for. The larger basket's handles are breaking off, so I'm going to replace them with some wide grosgrain ribbon when I find some I like. The smaller basket is from the thrift store, and holds the currently-unused pillowsham for the bed. And here's what my glass pedestal looks like with the wooden alphabet inside: I took JK to Value Village today, and while I didn't find anything to buy, JK picked out this basket. I liked it, so we brought it home. It will probably find a home in her new big-girl bedroom. I did see an almost perfect coffee table, but I didn't buy it, because the legs were uneven, causing it to wobble, one leg was loose, and it would have taken me hours and hours of sanding to get rid of the thick shellac all over it. But the style and size would have been perfect. So I'll keep looking.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday yesterday, even if your birthday is today. I hope today is just as great. All of your presents are fabulous. What a thrill for you. Hugs, Marty

  2. Happy Birthday sweet Jo!! It looks like you really lucked out in the gift department!!



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