Monday, 11 May 2009

Crazy Weekend

Friday: First thing in the morning, KD is in a lot of pain and decides that he needs to go to the emergency room again. When we're all showered and breakfasted, we head to the hospital. KD is taken in right away (amazing!) and JK and I spend the day wandering around the hospital (inside and out) waiting for news. We go to a nearby mall where JK enjoys the pet store, and we buy a backpack to spare my back and shoulders. I can't wait until she's big enough to carry her own stuff! KD is let out of the hospital at about 3:00pm, with the doctor saying "Lets wait a week and see what happens." Saturday: I wake up at 6:00 am to get ready to go to my mom's grad. She has just finished a one-year course in graphic design, and at age 56, she is ready to start a new career! I'm so proud of her. L-R: my brother D, Mom, me, new nephew D, and my sister C. The other people are just a picture in the background. After the grad, we decide to go to my grandparents house. I call KD and discover that he is in a lot of pain and can barely move, so I go home to rescue him from JK. JK and I then head to Nanny and Papa's for lunch. This is Papa with his first great-grandson. When JK and I return home at suppertime with some milk and Swiss Chalet for supper, KD is still in lots of pain, and how his cyst has ruptured. So, we stash supper in the fridge, and head back to the hospital. There, we wait five and a half hours for him to see the doctor. Meanwhile, KD's brother comes to pick up JK for the night, which is a nice relief. I feel pretty useless just waiting with KD, but he assures me that just being there helps. Eventually, we see the doctor who causes more unnecessary pain, then we get to go 3:00 am. Sunday: I get to sleep in on mother's day! It is kind of nice to wake on my own rather than hearing "Mommy, where are you!" from JK's room. We have a morning to ourselves, skipping church due to exhaustion, and KD is feeling much much better. In the afternoon we head over to his parents' house for a late lunch with the extended family, meeting up JK there. She refuses to look at me for a while, mad that I had sent her away. We enjoy a great afternoon, and arrive home right before JK's bedtime. Perfect, right? Not really. JK had fallen asleep in the car, and was not happy to be woken up. I want to give her a bath before bed, but quickly realise that idea is hopeless. She screams and flails as we try to take off her coat and shoes. So I take her upstairs to rock and cuddle. Does not work. I don't know how long I try to calm her, but eventually, I just ignore the screaming and wrestle her out of her clothes and diaper and into a new diaper and pyjamas. After that she seems to get calmer, so I we read some stories. After several tries to get her to either let me rock her to sleep or put her in her crib, I finally give up and have KD take over. Of course, she goes to bed beautifully for Daddy! Whew! Even though it is only 8:30, I put my pyjamas on and head to bed with my magazines. What a crazy weekend! PS: I don't want to go into details about KD's ailment, but rest assured that it is not life-threatening, and we seem to be nearing the end of his problems. Thanks for caring!


  1. I think you all need some rest. I really does sound like an exhausting weekend. I hope he improves sooon Hugs, Marty

  2. What a weekend! I'm glad he is feeling better though and you got to sleep in on Mother's Day!

    Love those green plates you found!


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