Friday, 29 May 2009

First Garden Pictures of the Year

On Wednesday, JK and I went to visit a friend who had offered to give me some plants from her garden. That afternoon while JK napped, I planted them in my only garden bed, at the front of the house. I hope they all like full sun, 'cause that's what they're getting for now! As I was planting, I discovered a sweet surprise! This one lone pansy growing behind one of the shrubs. It hasn't wilted or otherwise been affected by the hot sun we've been getting lately. There's no sign of any others, and it's very presence is surprising because the entire bed is covered with landscape fabric and mulch! Here is what my garden looks like currently, now that it is planted. Previously, it only had the four unknown shrubs. These little fuzzy-leaved plants I bought at a garage sale a few weeks ago. The seller didn't know what they are called, but apparently they get little blue flowers, and spread readily but are easy to thin out. I also bought these irises from the same lady. They will be dark purple, she said. My friend gave me some orange daylilies, which are thriving in the sun since I planted them. I have two clumps, one on either side of a possibly-dead shrub. This is a white peony, which I am thrilled about because I miss my white peony that I left behind at the last house. They are kind of droopy because they spend an unexpected hour and a half in my car on Wednesday without water. But just today I noticed that the stems are strong again, so I'll have to tie them up if I want them to straighten up. My friend's idea of using a tomato cage for the peonies is great. It is much sturdier than the supports I bought last year. The other clump of daylilies: The possibly dead shrub. You should have seen the massive dandelion I pulled out of the centre. I ended up breaking the taproot, so it will be back. I don't know what this little plant is called, but if I remember correctly what my friend said, it should have white flowers...I think. This one needs staking as well. I think it will be be tall and purple. While still aching from my exhausting afternoon of planting, I spent the following evening priming JK's dresser. It now just needs some light sanding, and the final two paint coats. I bought the paint today, but I probably won't tackle it until next week. KD and the neighbour will be digging fence post holes this weekend, and I don't want to paint while there's extra dust in the air. (But then, we live in a construction zone, so it probably won't make a difference). Whenever I do paint, I am going to need a worktable to put the drawers on so I can sit up straight to paint them. I can't bend or squat any more. Then to top it all of today, I carried two boxes and three bags out to the car to take it to Goodwill. One box was pretty heavy (sorry Ash!), but I decided I needed it out of the house NOW! It is so nice to have it gone. Most of it was my clothes that I would never wear again, along with some of KD's and JK's clothes, and a few household things. I'm taking it easy this afternoon to recover.

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