Saturday, 2 May 2009

New Baby, New Furniture, and Garage Sale Season is Here!

No, I didn't have my baby yet...this is my adorable 4-day-old nephew. He weighs absolutely nothing, and has the cutest fluffy white hair. And here is my sister, his beautiful mama:
This weekend was the first I've seen any advertised garage sales, so I made up my mind that I would go to at least one early Saturday morning. KD nicely let me go without the toddler, so I had a nice hour or two of solo shopping. For $5.50 total, I got:
Two wrought-iron hooks, which will be perfect for my porch, an antique-brass-coloured hook that I have no current plans for but liked the shape of, a brand-new square battenburg lace tablecloth, and a wire basket. Oh, does that basket look familiar? Well, maybe it's the same as the the one I bought at Goodwill and spray painted last year: I have no specific plans for it either, but it just might fall victim to my next spray-paint binge (I want to try black this time). I think it would make a good container for a gift basket.
We finally found living room furniture that we both like, and was in our budget. It was a brand new floor model from the Brick. It's a bit modern for my taste, but KD has had about enough of my liking for old furniture, and my main goal was to get something that would make the room look like a home rather than a doctor's waiting room. I think the size of the furniture is just about right for the room. It's just a couch and love seat. I want to find a softer, more feminine armchair to balance out the manly dark-brown leather. Pardon the ugly Ikea rug. It is heading back to the basement as soon as I find a bigger one that I like and can afford. Other things needed for this room: Small side tables (we're giving the massive end tables we had to my sister who has more room and would like the storage), curtains, short table lamps (so they don't show much on the kitchen side of the half wall), coffee table (I like the idea of an ottoman, or an old trunk, or maybe a chippy old farm bench...the bench is my favourite idea at the moment.) I'm scared! How do I pull this room together? This is my first time decorating with new furniture, and I would appreciate any tips on how to give this room a soft, light feel that works with the dark furniture.
PS: I can't find a lead test kit anywhere!

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  1. Great garage finds. They are wonderful. I love the tablecloth, so pretty. The hooks and the basket are great finds also. As for the new furniture, it is lovely. If you want to give the room a little warmer feel you can use throw pillows and a rug in some earth colors to go with the brown leather. Then take your favorite style and use that for tables, lamps and other accessories. Just remember, if you like it then it's never wrong. Have some fun with it. Hugs, Marty


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