Thursday, 7 May 2009

Pretty dishes...and making an ugly spot beautiful

I bought these plates at Value Village yesterday. I've seen them several times, but I always wondered if they were overpriced (because V.V. is always overpriced for a thrift store) , and what would I do with two green plates anyway? But I've recently I decided that I need some pretty dishes, and I like the idea of mixing old I figured that $5.00 each can't be too bad. Did I pay too much? Or was this a deal? I also got some great deals yesterday at Salvation Army (I've never been to this one before). I forgot to take pictures of: a lovely, heavy, silver-framed mirror, about 5 metres of tan/white ticking striped fabric, and a 1922 book of poetry by John Masefield. Each for 99 cents. (This has been my entry for Thrift Store Thursday, hosted by Homebody, a lovely blog I've just discovered.)
Since we moved in, I have been bothered by the area above the stove. The expanse of yellow wall above the black stove just annoyed me. Especially because the shade of yellow isn't the best paint colour to go with the peachy-wood cabinets. See, it was not very attractive. So the other day, I was trying to figure out where to put some shelves, and couldn't find a place for the white one I had in our old kitchen. I decided to put it above the stove, under the cupboards. I waited until KD got home to reassure me that it would not be too close to the burners, and then proceeded to make several large holes in the wall (first I made the holes too high, then the insulation (this is an outside wall) kept pushing my drywall anchor out of the wall.) This is the result: I also sanded the shelf to give it a more worn look, since one corner was a little battered already.


  1. The green plates are know, $5 sounds kind of high because one expects thrift stores to be super cheap, but I be they're worth more than that. Fabulous deal on the fabric too, and book of poetry. Thanks for joining TST!
    The shelf above the stove looks great!

  2. I love those green dishes, and that is a fabulous price. I saw some on Replacements for $38 each. Even on Ebay they are expensive. You did great. YOur other finds are great ones too. Love the shelf, just gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  3. I think the plates are pretty--if you love the dishes and are happy with them, then the price was right. :)

    ~ Sarah

  4. VERY PRETTY! Love those plates and that biiiirrrd. :D

    PS just fyi, you have my wrong blog URL on your sidebar... ;)

  5. That looks really nice!

    Barbara Jean


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