Thursday, 14 May 2009

Procrastination Project - After! (And Thrifty Thursday)

Well, technically, this is a before and after. My original project was derailed when I discovered that it has lead paint on it, so I can't sand it while I"m pregnant. I've had this little child-sized folding chair longer than the green cabinet. It is 52 years old. My grandpa bought one for each of his kids when my mom was only four years old. It was originally a pretty sky-blue, but sometime when I was growing up, Mom painted it a peculiar reddish brown colour...which I've always thought was ugly. Sometime last year I primed it, intending to paint it black. This was before I had heard of grey primer. I just used the wall primer I had on hand. And so it sat, waiting for the final colour that I never got around to doing. I had a quart of creamy yellow paint that I had bought to paint the inside of our cabinets at the last house, but never used. So as I was grouching about not being able to paint the cabinet, I started thinking about what I could do instead for Melissa's Procrastination Project Party. So, using only what I already had, I present to you Mom's little chair, after: I had planned to have a little pot of pansies sitting on it, looking pretty, but with the gloomy cold and snow the past couple of days, I didn't get that done. But it will be soon! I usually plant something during the May long weekend.
I didn't think I'd go thrift shopping this week, but we happened to be out near a thrift store yesterday so we stopped in. The first thing that caught my eye was this little handmade wooden cradle. I've been avoiding shopping for JK's room until we move the office downstairs, or at least until I find bedding I like, but I couldn't resist this cute cradle. It didn't hurt that there was a little old grandma talking me into it too! I will eventually paint it when JK's room gets decorated. Then, I found this little alphabet set, that I think was probably donated by the same person (had the same musty smell). These will be for the baby boy's room, though I'm not sure exactly how I will use them. Maybe frame his name (whatever that will be) in a shadow will be fun to figure something out. Visit Homebody Holly to see more treasures! Oh, and I don't know if this counts, but I bought this adorable little dress for JK at a consignment store. I just love it!


  1. I been admiring the lil chairs. I have a Finnish blog friend and her son got a cutie chair too.

    Ahh... this look much better that the b4 one.

    Good job.

  2. Love the little chair. So fun and it looks great painted yellow.

    The alphabet is unique. Neat find.

  3. Love the little chair; it's a great heirloom. Looks great with its new color, too.
    Neat thrift store you can have your own heirloom with the cradle.
    Consignment stores definitely count...thanks for joining!

  4. That chair is adorable! I just found your blog today and I'm so glad I did.


  5. The perfect little chair to hold flowers or just look cute in that spot on the porch. Darling!

  6. Did you say "snow"? It's been summer weather here in southern California. The chair turned out fabulous. And your thrift store finds were great too.

  7. Isn't it nice to take something with family history and make it our own? The little chair is adorable. Hope spring arrives in all it's glory very soon! ~Kathy

  8. I love that cradle. I passed up a similar one at a thrift store earlier this week--it was too expensive...but I still want it!!

    ~ Sarah

  9. How great to have an heirloom chair to repaint! It looks very fresh and adorable now! Almost as cute as that sweetie girl!

    Glad you found a way to participate! :-)

    Happy night,

  10. All you pregnant ladies in this party deserve big snaps and a pedicure and lots of ice cream.
    Very cute little chair. You are lucky to have things that have been passed down. Your daughter has the cutest little expression.

  11. Sweet chair! It looks awesome on your porch!

  12. Your litte chair came out so pretty! Yellow is such a happy color.


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