Monday, 25 May 2009

Treasure Chest for a baby boy

For each of my four nieces (on my side of the family), I have painted a wooden box, starting when I was 15 with my soon-to-be eleven-year-old niece. Now that I have a nephew, I didn't want to leave him out. So instead of a jewelry-type box, I decided to do a treasure chest instead. I painted the box brown to begin with, and left it like that for several days (due to procrastination, not any special curing's just craft paint). When I later mentioned to KD that I was going to paint Declan's box, he was surprised, because he thought it was just going to be brown. Nope! We ended up with a blue box. I tried rubbing a candle on the places where I wanted the brown to show through, and I was impressed with how nicely it worked! After the blue coat was mostly dry, I lightly sanded it with coarse sandpaper (would have used fine, but I couldn't find it), then painted on my sweet nephew's name. I am quite pleased with how it turned out. This is my other project:I found this dresser on a local online classifieds site. The ad was actually for a different particle-board dresser that I didn't like, but the seller said she had this one to sell too, but was still using it. I went to see it last week, and sent KD to pick it up for me on Saturday. The exterior construction is nice solid wood, and the drawers are typical of 80's furniture, but still pretty sturdy. I just need to add a few extra nails or staples to one or two of them. I love the cute wooden knobs. So far, I have sanded the dresser. I would be priming it right now, but I don't really want to leave the electrician who is working in our basement alone in the house with my sleeping toddler. Maybe I'm paranoid. But maybe not! Yesterday we had a bit of excitement in our neighbourhood. First, I saw this young guy running across my backyard, which is highly unusual. Neighbours around here never cut across the yards even though there are no fences yet. I'm nosy, so I watched the guy jog across the street, then disappear around a house (walking right next to the house, not on the rude!) Ten minutes later, we had two police cars in the alley behind our house, and one officer told KD to stay inside when he was going to check it out. Some officers had their guns drawn and were peering around a vacant house just down the street. Half an hour later, it was all over, and one officer came by retracing the steps of the guy I saw running. I told him what I saw, and he said that the actual crime amounted to someone throwing a rock that was mistaken for a gunshot. Whew.


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