Friday, 5 June 2009

Creating more work for myself

The other day I spent two hours removing the sod around our little sickly front-yard-tree, creating a new flower bed. I really should stop doing these large projects until after the baby is born. It was exhausting. And now I have to figure out what to plant in it. I want lots of spring bulbs, and maybe a summer-blooming ground cover. But all that has to wait until we go pick up our cubic yard of topsoil, since I want to put some in this new bed. The above picture is before...but after I started moving the bricks over to decide how big I wanted it. I was way too lazy to move them out of the way for a true before picture. And after...sort of. I was going to wait until after I had planted something, but I changed my mind. I like the old bricks as edging. And here's some random pictures of my big girl (she'll be two years old soon!) enjoying the sunshine. She is quite pleased that we finally bought some "Tunias a Fankin" (petunias for Franklin...yes, my turtle planter is named after the cartoon, he looks exactly like him!). And thus ends today's disjointed and random post.


  1. Aww she is such a cutie! I miss my girl being that age (she's 17)!

    Removing sod is such hard work! I really hate doing it but I have the kind of grass that you can't really smother. It grows by runners and if you leave one little piece of the runner grass will sprout. So I know how hard it is!

    You did a wonderful job and it looks great. You can plant spring and summer flowering bulbs and in the winter you can just have it mulched for a neat look.


  2. I can not believe how big she is getting! She is looking so much like a toddler now! Still as beautiful as always.
    You are doing a lot of projects! I did the same thing thru all 3 of my pregnancies. My poor husband was a nervous wreck until my doctor told him that it was okay as long as I knew my limits. I would push through the tired and end up with more energy. I hate just sitting around.
    Everything is looking so good. And yes, you have a wonderful husband! How sweet of him to do that for you! Hmmm.......maybe he is trying to keep you out of trouble! LOL!!!



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