Monday, 15 June 2009

Christening Gift

KD's niece was baptised on Sunday. We are honoured to be chosen for Godparents, and I wanted to get a gift that was more than just another toy or dress or whatever else someone would get for an eleven-month-old girl. While I was browsing at Michaels, I decided to paint a box for her like I have done for JK and all my nieces and nephew (I don't have pictures of the ones I did for my nieces). I found the perfect box, and instantly knew what I wanted to do with it. After I painted the white base and pink stripes, I sanded the box to let the white show through the pink, but it still looked to barbie-pink. So I added a brown glaze (diluted craft paint), which didn't really help the pink problem. Once that dried, I tried a white glaze, which did the job. For the monogram, I printed it on the computer, then scribbled with pencil on the back. After trying to precicely measure to get it centred on the top of the box, I traced each letter on top of the paper with pen, so that the pencil would lightly mark the box. Then, not wanting to risk messing up trying to paint it, I used a fine-tip black marker to fill it in. It looks a lot crisper around the edges using the marker than it would have if I had used paint. Despite all my hard work trying to centre the monogram, it still ended up a little bit off-centre, so I added the girly bow. I glued each piece on to a large button to make the arrangement, then glued the button to the box. I didn't want to mess up the paint job if I made a mistake. The two flowers are actually made of leather, and were earings that KD's grandma gave me when she was downsizing her jewelry collection. I broke off the posts to use them. The inside of the box has just the brown glaze over the pink, and I had to add a bow to the lid too. I can never leave the inside of anything plain. Here is the box all wrapped up in brown kraft paper, a torn strip of white banner paper, ribbons, and a tag:Hmm...I didn't intend to type so much in this post.

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