Monday, 8 June 2009

Curbing my ambitions (I married a wonderful man)

Just when I had decided that creating a raised bed this year was too much work for me (since I've suddenly started feeling exhausted most of the time now), KD decided to do it for me! He rarely ever helps with gardening tasks, because gardening is really my hobby, and I don't ask him to (he would if I did ask). But today he asked me where I wanted the raised bed, then spent an hour digging up the sod instead of relaxing before he left for his ball-hockey game...after a full day at work and some frustration with trying to get our car fixed. He's so good to me. Since I am feeling so tired lately, I have decided that I am not allowed to start any new major projects. This raised bed won't have much planted in it this year (it's kind of late to start veggies anyway). But these are the big projects I would like to complete before the baby is born:
  • paint JK's dresser
  • paint JK's bedroom (technically not started yet, but it needs to be done before she moves in, which will be before the baby is born...and KD will probably do it for me if my common sense overrules my perfectionism)
  • stain the fenceposts
  • sand the front porch (painters left a horrible mess on the bare wood)
  • finish planting the new circle garden around the tree
  • try to fix the brown spots in the lawn (courtesy of the previous owner's puppy)
Any other ambitious project I dream up will have to wait until after the baby is born...or so I say now. This time in my last pregnancy, I painted both the nursery and the kitchen. You don't want to paint a kitchen when you're 6 month's pregnant! Besides, without a bunch of unfinished big projects hanging over my head, I'll have more time to complete the little projects I want to do...ones that can be done while sitting...

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  1. What a great guy! Even if it's too late to plant much it'll be ready for the next time!



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