Friday, 26 June 2009

Summary of Our Vacation in Pictures

So that I don't bore you with multiple posts filled with descriptions of our vacation, here it is in one post. Feel free to skip it! We went to visit KD's family in Ontario. JK turns two in a week or so, and we wanted to squeeze in one more trip before we have to start paying for her plane ticket. She loved being on the airplane ("ay-ping!") and visiting family. I loved visiting, driving around the countryside, seeing beautiful old houses, and sending JK to see Nanny in the morning so we could sleep in. I'm pretty sure KD loved that part too. JK sharing her birthday balloons with her great-great-aunt Helen: My little owl at Storyland (which is in vast need of updating, but was fun nevertheless): Reading with Poppa (KD's Poppa, that is): Riding her new bike (gift from Nanny for her was fun finding a box to put it in for the flight home): First professional haircut (hairdresser is the same one who always cut KD's hair when he was a kid): Chasing bunnies on Parliament Hill: At Nicholson's Lock on the Rideau Canal (KD's Nanny was raised there...she lived with her grandfather who was the lockmaster): Watching the huge fish upstream from the lock: JK swinging with Nan (KD's Nan, who is distinguished by the shortened name from JK's Nanny - KD's mom): Hammock chair at Nanny's house: The End. I'm glad to be back home, but I thoroughly enjoyed the time in Ontario. I love it there (despite the humidity). I am blessed to have wonderful in-laws (all of them, both in Ontario and here at home). Since I've been home, I have been itching to nest. I didn't want to unpack, I wanted to clean and organize! But I restrained the urge, and got everything unpacked yesterday...which has to be a record for me. Usually we are still living out of suitcases a week after getting home.

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