Tuesday, 30 June 2009

What my garden looks like this week

While we were on vacation, my mom came to house sit. She doesn't have a permanent residence right now, so it was nice for her to have a house to herself for once. I told her that if the plant watering was too much for her, I would ask a friend to do it instead. She assured me that she would be fine. And was she ever! My garden loved her! When we got back, everything was green and growing lushly. Even the marigolds and monkey-flowers that I didn't have time to put in proper pots before I left. But the biggest surprise was this shrub: I could have sworn it was dead as a doornail, as seen in this post. Somehow, my mom worked magic on it because it is now almost as full as the other one. These unidentified plants have grown, and I think the taller one is getting ready to bloom soon. I'm now about 80% certain that these two large dark-leaved shrubs are diablo ninebark. I was waiting for the flowers to show up before I officially identified them. If anyone knows different, let me know! The little ivory flower clusters are so dainty and pretty. These two garage sale plants are blooming now. They have very interesting flowers. Any idea what they are? My mom thinks they might be bachelor's buttons, but can't say for sure. My tomatoes and marigolds appear to be thriving, despite having 5 tomato plants in the same pot, plus 4 marigolds. I hope they don't mind the crowding. I think I need to feed them though, because one of them is starting to turn yellow...it doesn't like having to share, I think. Franklin's pink and purple petunias are vibrant and exactly what I wanted. And my nasturtiums had an amazing growth spurt over the past two weeks. When they bloom, they'll clash horribly with the petunias, so I'll have to move something. And that's all folks! I want to plant more perennials this summer, but our first priority is getting something happening with the fence. KD wanted to paint the posts today, but we got a bit of rain this morning so he couldn't. I will probably go pick up the stain tomorrow.


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