Thursday, 30 July 2009

Interesting Idea - Glass Table

I came across an interesting item for sale in our city's online classified ad site: "This table is handmade from high quality repurposed glass. It can be used in your home as a side table or out in your garden as a table, bird feeder or just a wonderful art piece. Its an original. There is no other piece like it. open to offers. " I think this little table is adorable! What a great idea! The asking price is $60, and I'm sure the artist got the individual elements for free or at least very cheap. I just wonder what glue they used...


  1. I'm thinking crazy glue. You wouldn't want to use anything too gloppy that would show through the glass. It's very cute but I know my dog would knock it over within 1 day :-)

  2. That's like a garden totem! You get different glass pieces from the thrift store and then glue them (E6000) together! I've been planning on making one for my garden.


  3. Hi sweet Jo :)

    What a darling table!

    Are you giving birth yet?? I know you're ready ;)



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