Thursday, 2 July 2009

My dream-chairs come true

First of all, happy Canada Day! We spent Tuesday night and all day Wednesday at the lake. It was a fun day. On the way to the lake on Tuesday, we picked up some chairs that I had found on Kijiji. I've been wanting to get new kitchen chairs for at least 5 or 6 years, since I really disliked our uncomfortable metal Ikea ones. KD didn't want antique chairs because he thinks they're rickety junk. So on Monday night, I found these gorgeous ladder-back chairs, so I emailed the seller. She replied on Tuesday and said she has had so much interest that she wouldn't hold them for anyone. Whoever got there first would get them. As luck would have it, it was right on the way to the lake, so I said we'd pick them up that evening. For the rest of the day I had my fingers crossed that they'd still be available...while also trying not to get my hopes up! When I called to get directions, I was happy to hear they were still available! KD had a bit of struggle fitting them in the car, but eventually we were on our way, with the four chairs crammed in the car, and KD's kayak on top. I love the details, and the colour is nice (though I'm sure I will eventually paint them). I think they're from an unfinished furniture store, since they just have stain on them but no varnish(and the colour is not uniform). But they are sturdy enough to satisfy KD, and exactly the kind of chair I wanted. Just replacing the modern chairs with these traditional ones transforms the look of my kitchen (even more than the sofa does!) Now I just need to sell the metal ones. I'll be so happy when they go out the door!
This is my colour starting-point for JK's room. As soon as we can get the basement organised enough to move the office down there, we can paint and start putting it together. The wall colour is the third one from the top.

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  1. The chairs are wonderful. I really like them. Your paint color looks just lovely also. Sounds like a lot of fun projects. Hugs, Marty


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