Thursday, 16 July 2009

Summer Weeds in a Vase

Last week I bought some $3.99 daisies from the grocery store. This week, I wanted some flowery-stuff, but didn't want to pay for it, or rob my garden of any blooms. So I was weeding the lawn in the backyard, and found a really tall clump of clover next to the garage, growing out from under some scrap fence wood. I like clover, so I decided to find some more weeds to make an arrangement for inside the house. I tried to apply what little flower-arranging tips I have gleaned over the years, and I think my little bouquet turned out ok! I started with the short foxtails, then the longer grasses. That combination looked nice, but I thought it was too stiff-looking, so I'm glad I had the clover to add. When I was a teenager, I used to pick alfalfa from the vacant lots in the neighbourhood. I just love the shape, colour, and smell of it. Alas, there isn't much alfalfa around here. While I was arranging, JK was eager to help, but she was damaging my clover. So I set her up with her own "vase" to arrange. Here's what she came up with: Not bad for a two-year-old! And, as you can see in the above photos, I finally got around to spray-painting my second wire-thing. It is the one thing I actually got accomplished today...on a day that began with burnt toast. I just knew it would look good in black! Now I have a black one and a white one. Which do you like better? Right now I think I still like the white best, but that's probably just because I am not used to decorating with black yet. I did see another one just like this at Goodwill a few months ago, but I didn't buy it...I guess I could have painted that one a bright fun colour. I'm very close to being done with the second and third of my roman blinds. I'm sewing on the plastic rings, then I have to insert the dowels, have KD cut the batten, then assemble them. I hope to get it done on Monday maybe. We're going to the lake for the weekend with KD's family. Stay tuned for a gift-bag transformation on Monday!


  1. I LOVE you weed arrangement! Seriously it is beautiful! And JK did a fantastic job on hers also!! What a cutie! This will make me rethink my arrangements when I journey outside. Great idea!!!



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