Friday, 3 July 2009

What I'm Reading This Week

At our Moms' Group get-together this week, a friend asked me what I am reading lately. I thought my blog readers might be interested in what I'm reading too. I might do this regularly, we'll see. Books: Quick Country Decorating from Country Home Books I love this book already. I'm only half-way through, but I've already jotted down a page of ideas I can use in my house. Just looking at all the gorgeous glossy pictures has started my mind working on how to solve problems that have been plaguing me ever since we moved into this house. The book is divided into the four seasons, and gives great ideas for decorating for each season. Magazines: House Beautiful - July 2009 While I enjoyed this magazine, I didn't find very much that inspired me. I usually read more country/cottage-focused magazines. But I loved the article "Small and Rugged", about a rural guest house and farm house. The pictures are all lovely, and I love the peaceful feeling each room as. The striped wooden floor on p.62-63 is gorgeous! The advice from designers ("Colour Just One Wall" p.16, and "The Last Word" p.120) is interesting, and made me think about feature walls and storage in different ways. Fresh Home - Summer 2009 This is a new magazine with DIY ideas for the home. I think it's great! It's full of pretty pictures and great projects that don't look too difficult. KD looked at it too, and I think he likes it. It's not very often we like the same magazine! I liked the article "I've Got a Feeling" (p.48), and I'd love to attempt building the indoor/outdoor table (p.54). But my absolute favourite thing in the magazine is the gorgeous garden arbour (p.94). I'm definitely saving those plans. KD liked the lawn care article(p.78), and will probably use some ideas from the garage storage article (p.86)

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