Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Tribute to Sanctuary Arts at Home - and she's having a giveaway

One of my favourite blogs is having a giveaway! Jen from Sanctuary Arts at Home is celebrating two years of blogging. When I started posting this, I had overlooked the part that said it would get me an extra entry, so I thought I was doing it for "free", just 'cause I like Jen. Why do I like her? She is an amazingly talented painter, and shares tips and advice with her readers. In addition to that, she makes me laugh, and she values her readers/commenters. She emailed a reply to my first post, and even though she has hundreds of followers and lots of comments, and probably many other blogs to read more interesting than mine, she still replies to my comments and even comments here on my little bloglet! So Jen, thanks for sharing your incredible talents and witty writing with the world. To my dozen-or-so readers: Go to Jen's blog and check out her generous multi-faceted giveaway! And stay to look around at the rest of her great posts too.

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  1. Thank you so much Jo! You are fantastic and talented yourself!


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