Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Attempted Mistreatment - Miserable or Magnificent?

This is my kitchen window.  It was desperately in need of some fabric.  In keeping with my theme of using what I have and not spending money (the fence this summer took it all!), I looked through my fabric stash, and found a few things.  The middle fabric is a white/tan ticking stripe that I got for 99 cents, and the white fabrics on the sides are two pieces I got for very little also  I don't know what to call them...some kind of thickly-woven damask pattern.  I didn't want to cut any fabric, since after I paint the walls, I will probably do something else with the windows.

Yes, I know the table isn't centred under the light fixture.  We move our furniture around a lot and decided to see how it would work to have the table right by the window.

I love the difference the fabric makes, but I'm not so sure about the final result.  It NEEDS something.  Some colour maybe?  In the form of fringe, tassel, or I don't know what.  I know that for the side windows, long panels would be better, but I don't currently have any long pieces of fabric except for the one across the top.

I would welcome any tips or advice!  Despite being the daughter of a seamstress, when it comes to home deorating, I'm pretty hopeless with fabrics.  They scare me!


  1. Boy, those yellow walls look really yellow! I can't wait until we can afford to paint!

  2. I think they look wonderful! :)

    Ash :)


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