Sunday, 1 November 2009

Using What I Have - Toddler Princess Costume

Since September, I've been trying to do way less shopping and make use of what I have. For Juliana's halloween costume this year, I wanted to do a princess dress, because she loves everything with a princess on it, and I needed an excuse to make an Italian Rennaisance dress! So here is my thrifty halloween costume for a toddler. I used one and a half (or so) blue velvet curtain panels that we inherited from the previous owners of the house, gold drapery fabric that was 50% off at a discount fabric store, ivory jersey-knit fabric that I already had, skinny black satin ribbon, and a faux pearl necklace from a thrift store. Total cost: around $9.00. Total time: I have no idea. It wasn't difficult, but it was detailed, especially the sleeves.
The costume consists of an underdress in the gold fabric, with ivory sleeves, a sleeveless overdress in blue velvet, and gauntlet-style sleeves that are tied on with ribbon.
I admit that it is a bit elaborate for a two-year-old, but it was so much fun to make! Now I want t pearl-trimmed dress! I used the gold dress that Drew Barrymore wore in the movie Ever After for inspiration.
We went to a costume party at a friend's house so all four of us were dressed up, but I forgot to take a picture of all of us. KD was a hockey mascot, Nico was a reindeer, and I was something vaguely Hawiian (vintage orange/pink dress, big hair with flowers in it, and dramatic tropical makeup.)
So, how about trying to repurpose something you already have instead of buying something new. Now I just need to figure out what to do with the remaining 1.5 blue velvet curtain panels...and one purple one.
I'm linking this post to Kimba's DIY Day at A Soft Place to Land.


  1. Oh my goodness! What an adorable dress! You are so creative Joanna, you inspire me!

  2. Holy cow! That rocks. My daughter would never take that off if she had it. So cute!!!

  3. What a cutie and the outfit is just lovely.
    I am following you and hope you'll come by and do the same.


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  5. I deleted the previous comment because it was spam. i don't care about the link added, but the poster blatantly copied and pasted someone else's comment. Now that is plagarism and downright laziness. It is not a respectable way to earn money, in my opinion.

  6. This is STUNNING!!! If I ever have a little girl I might have to rent it off you or something. It's beautiful. :) Nice job!

  7. I'm watching ever after right now and have been trying to figure out how to make a dress like this for my 3 yr old she is invited to a princess party I think this would be perfect.


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