Thursday, 3 December 2009

My $2 Dollar Store Wreath

This is the wreath on my front door.  Even though I got it 50% off at Michaels, I was still miffed to have to pay for something that I could have made for almost free if I still lived in my last house.  There are no pinecones in our new neighbourhood.  But I still really like it.  I think it could be a bit larger for this door though.  (sorry for the poor quality, sideways picture.  I'm too lazy to rotate the picture...that would mean saving it on my computer instead of taking it straight from the memory card of my camera.  If I had to do that, I'd never post!)

I wanted a wreath for my back door too, but I didn't want to buy one.  I recently came across the site, and then today I happened to be walking past Dollarama, so I stopped in.  Despite some drama with cranky/hungry/tired kids, I found a few things.  I bought two garlands, and I knew I could do something with them for the back door.

I wrapped each garland around a grapevine wreath that I've used for several things before.  Here it is with only one garland (please excuse the pine needles on the rug...Christmas trees are messier than two-year-olds!):

One garland looks nice, but I added the second:

Much better.

I added a strip of my favourite red fabric, tied in a bow, and hung it on the inside of the window in the back door.  (again, poor quality sideways pictures.  the window was fogging up too.  sorry!)

I love how it looks against my red and white curtain.  I really like the fact that this wreath looks nice from both sides because the garland is wrapped around it.  It's ideal for windows.  If I had more grapevine wreaths, I'd make one for all four of my living room windows too.


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  2. So pretty & simple, but in a really really good way. Thanks for sharing!


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