Thursday, 29 April 2010

A Frock by Friday - Nearly done!

I am having so much fun sewing this dress.  I haven't made a dress for myself since I was twelve years old.  That dress was from a 1970s pattern that my mom had used for her high school grad dress.  I made it in blue and white flowered knit, with huge loonie-sized white plastic buttons on the front.  Classy.

I couldn't work on the dress yesterday because I needed Mom to come over and check the fit for me.  I thought it was going to be way too big.  She said the fit is fine.  Maybe it is, but now that I've put more of the dress together, I'm still convinced that it will end up 2 sizes too big.  But I will address that when I put in the zipper. 

So far, I had been treating the lining and main fabric as one, but for the skirt I decided to do the side seams seperately because I want seperate hems.  So that was one or two extra steps I had to do, but that's ok.  Since I'm not an absolute beginner, I can handle a little extra.  Here is what my dress looks like so far.  Don't mind the t-shirt and jeans, or the fact that I have to hold it together at the back

Tomorrow is zipper and hem, and then the sew-along will be finished.  But I also want to do some top-stitching along all the seams because both fabrics I'm using fray badly, and I want to hand-stitch the facing to the lining.  Because I'm a perfectionist.

After that, I would like to add some kind of embellishment to the bodice, since I didn't have enough fabric to do the ruffle.  I'm thinking maybe rolled fabric flowers.  I've seen those on lots of blogs, and I think I have just enough fabric left over to do a few.  I'll have to think about it.  Any ideas?

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

A Frock by Friday - Sewing a Dress

So, I decided to go for it.  The fabric I wanted to use actually was just enough.  Apparently it is possible to make a dress calling for 2.something metres out of just 1.1 metres.  But I can't do the ruffle on the dress.  That's ok, because I wasn't sure if I liked the ruffle anyway.

I am lining the dress with white linen because the fabric is light-coloured, and I can't stand the thought of wearing a slip.  It's probably just leftover from the trauma of too many ill-fitting granny slips when I was a teenager.  The linen is the most suitable fabric I had for the lining.  Next time I sew with linen, I'm buying some spring-loaded scissors.  Boy my thumb got a workout!  I don't want to have to buy anything for this project except the zipper.

Monday and Tuesday of the sew-along are completed, and I'm looking forward to Wednesday's post.  Here is what my dress looks like so far.

Here is a preview of my other current project (spring dinner centrepieces)

Lots and lots of purple butterflies!  I used handmade paper, and cut out all the butterflies with my friend's Stampin' Up Big Shot.  That is one cool machine.  It can cut through fabric and metal!  The butterflies are glued onto bamboo skewers, and will be stuck into pots of grass, which will of course be decorated with ribbon and stuff.  I can't do a project like this without using ribbon.  I need to remember to bring my camera when I'm setting up so I can get pictures of the finished centrepieces.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Friday, 16 April 2010

Don't Save the Good Stuff

I'm in the midst of making some baby shower gifts.  I'm quite pleased with them.  They're the best baby shower gifts I've ever made.  And as I've been sewing and embroidering and cutting, I've also been thinking.  Why haven't I made anything like this for my own kids?  I never made anything for Juliana when she was a baby, and I haven't made anything at all for Nicholas yet.  So why do I expend my energy for other people's babies and not my own?

Maybe because with baby showers there is a deadline.  Perhaps.

I came across a post today at a beautiful blog.  The beautiful writer of Resolved2Worship has seven kids and takes awe-inspiring photos of her beautiful family.  In the background plays some of the most restful worship music I've heard in a while.  And the post are inspiring.

So today's post is about an Easter party she had with her kids.  JUST her kids, and no one else (except her husband, and the dog).  She went all out, using the fancy tea cups, making fancy food, and dressing the kids in their fancy clothes.  These kids will have a memory to last a lifetime. 

I want to be a mom like that!  I want my kids (and my husband) to remember that I don't reserve the good stuff or the best of my efforts for other people.  I want to cherish the most important people in my life. My family.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Doll Cradle Photo Shoot

The other day, I put Nick in his pyjamas a little early, and since they were just the right shade of blue to go with Juli's doll cradle, I decided to do a photo shoot.  Of course, at nearly eight months old, Nick was too big to lay down, but the pictures were so cute anyway.

Then, of course big sister had to try it.

Now I really, really, really need to go print some pictures.  We've hardly printed any since Nick was born.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Too many projects

I am in the midst of spring cleaning here.  But I keep getting sidetracked by other projects. 

Last week I made this skirt for my daughter.  I made it out of a bright yellow sundress that I loved but didn't quite fit me right.  I don't have a picture of the one I made.  I could go take one right now, but Juli is not home, and the skirt needs ironing anyway.  Later...

I painted the bay-window wall of my kitchen a greenish-grey colour.  I was so tired of having the yellow everywhere, but we don't yet have the funds to paint over it.  But I had a quart of this paint that I bought from the oops table at Home Depot and didn't use for what I bought it for.  I thought it was tan.  Nope, it's grey in the morning, and green in the evening.  I actually really like the colour.  But it looks a little odd next to the yellow.  It reminds me of an old eighties sweater that my dad wore until it was literally falling apart.  It was yellow and grey.

Now I'm working on some baby shower gifts.  Are skulls an appropriate pattern for a newborn?  I'm doing one gift with skulls, and one with frogs, and then some bibs for yet another baby.  There are lots of new baby boys in my circle of friends.

I'm also in the middle of sewing a dress for Juli, and making a picture clipboard.  And I am in charge of the centerpieces for the womens' ministries spring event next month. 

But I must get the spring cleaning done!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Antique Show, year three

Wow, four months of no posts!  I'm sure I have officially lost all my readers (except one...Hi Ash!).  I haven't really done anything creative or house-related. 

I did dismantle the piano, finally.  It was a sad event (that took about a month!).  But I am very glad to have the extra room in the house now.  I have rearranged the furniture a couple of times already.  I really love the way I have it now.  It almost makes the fireplace make sense, and it accomodates the kids toys and things.  I'd post a picture, but right now the house is an absolute disaster.  Why?  Because that's what happens when Kevin is home for more than the usual two days, especially when the weekend is busy.  It's not Kevin's fault, of course, I just need to learn to keep up my tidying routines even on the weekend. 

Yesterday I went to the antique show--this time I brought a friend too.  It is much more fun to shop for antiques with a friend than by myself or with my easily bored family!  I usually stick to my budget when I go to the show, but this year, I almost doubled it.  I couldn't help it!  We were in the second last row of vendors, and I had already spent my allotted amount, not thinking I'd find anything else more interesting.  THEN, we came across a vendor with a lot of books  Oh my word!  I could have spent at least $200 there.  There were no fewer than FOUR first editions by L. M. Montgomery.  Anne of Avonlea ($95), Emily Climbs ($45 - I really wanted this one), Pat of Silver Bush ($25), and my favourite book of all time: The Blue Castle ($35).  I have been looking for an old copy of this book forever!  Looking online, I've never seen a first edition of this book selling for any less than $80, so I knew it would be years before I ever got a first edition.  But I would have been happy with anything pre-1960.  To find a first edition in pretty good shape for a price I could justify gave me quite a jolt of adrenalin!  I had $25 cash left.  I felt mildly guilty about spending more than I'd planned, but I knew Kevin would understand.

I offered the seller my last $25 and he said no.  He said the book was too rare and he had just gotten it.  But he did offer me 10% off, so I paid $31.50 for my treasure.  Now I owe my friend $10.

But what else did I buy?  I got six pretty linen napkins, and a Victorian rope-design barometer from c1890.  The glass is broken, but if I can find a place able to drill a hole in the middle, I can replace it.  If not, it looks quaint with the broken glass.  I don't think the barometer works, but it may just be because where I live is too far above sea-level.  I've been researching antique barometers online this morning, and that may be the problem.  The dial is pointing to somewhere between "stormy" and "rain", which is perfect!  Those are my two favourite types of weather.  Maybe I'll get a modern working barometer to hang next to it someday.
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