Tuesday, 27 April 2010

A Frock by Friday - Sewing a Dress

So, I decided to go for it.  The fabric I wanted to use actually was just enough.  Apparently it is possible to make a dress calling for 2.something metres out of just 1.1 metres.  But I can't do the ruffle on the dress.  That's ok, because I wasn't sure if I liked the ruffle anyway.

I am lining the dress with white linen because the fabric is light-coloured, and I can't stand the thought of wearing a slip.  It's probably just leftover from the trauma of too many ill-fitting granny slips when I was a teenager.  The linen is the most suitable fabric I had for the lining.  Next time I sew with linen, I'm buying some spring-loaded scissors.  Boy my thumb got a workout!  I don't want to have to buy anything for this project except the zipper.

Monday and Tuesday of the sew-along are completed, and I'm looking forward to Wednesday's post.  Here is what my dress looks like so far.

Here is a preview of my other current project (spring dinner centrepieces)

Lots and lots of purple butterflies!  I used handmade paper, and cut out all the butterflies with my friend's Stampin' Up Big Shot.  That is one cool machine.  It can cut through fabric and metal!  The butterflies are glued onto bamboo skewers, and will be stuck into pots of grass, which will of course be decorated with ribbon and stuff.  I can't do a project like this without using ribbon.  I need to remember to bring my camera when I'm setting up so I can get pictures of the finished centrepieces.

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  1. I like your dress...excited to see the finished product...hope you model it. Also totally get what you are saying about those bad slips. Oh my...they were awful. :)


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